Game death on the horizon

So here we are:

  • US West - almost dead
  • US East - 2 servers we can call alive?
  • Europe - 2 still not dead + 1 german

Devs never addressed many issues that are klling servers. So here is that devs can/should do if they want more time to fix server design issue since it wont be easy to fix:

  1. add penalty for leaving clan (14 days) - you cant join another
  2. require at least 50% of clan members to defend province (This 2 should quick solve shell compnies issue. )
  3. merge all servers on all regions that are peaking < 1k players
  4. lower the price for transfer token to $5 max since its your fault ppl have to transfer
  5. Make coruption invasion disabled if server pop is below 1k.

And long term solutions that are needed is technology for regional mega server. But this wont happen. So cross server: opr, arena, dungeons.

Game has like 2-3 months untill no servers with 1k playes at peak. ±.


Considering you can’t spell horizon correctly. I don’t think you’re the smartest to be judging the state of the game.


Trust me, if You wanna do ANYTHING good about the game, don’t ever, ever start You talk with “game death” or whatever or any other similar shit :slight_smile: It is not a good opening for the discussion, not here.

So let’s quickly say about few numbers, cause I see You’re missing some.
NW had 1.000.000 players, true. We had. We lost it. We go down to 200.000. We lost it too. We lost our 100.000 too. It was left for like 20.000 - 25.000 to February. Since then, amount of people stopped dropping so fast, and around 15.000 - 20.000 stopped. I can notice that those numbers are going from 15.000 to 20.000, sometimes less, sometimes more, but this is more and less all players who stayed for now, and keep playing. So, answering to Your idiotic statement, yes, the game lost the players, but it is not dying, as long as there is ANYONE who wants to play. At this moment, the game is played by biggest fans, and also some new players, so to be honest, after all changes and upcoming patches I would expect to increase that numbers, not decrease.

So now, we can talk. Do You want to start over Your discussion and arguments?


dude, the latest update has put the last point on the players. The PVP balance was already messed up. In the last update, this situation got much worse because BOW was added to classes that have already been Super OP for 3 months, such as IG, Musket, Rapier. IG,Musket,Rapier,BOW… and on top of that, the GW nerf… With the GW nerf, GA was trashed and they didn’t do anything to close the GW gap of GA, even a little.
this caused melee players to quit the game or not play actively. Currently, there are builds such as SnS/Hatchet, Spear, WH that are playable as Melee and they killed these builds in the summer update. Ranges are buffed again only BoW has very few nerfs… in short they will lose even more players from the next update because there are no melee classes available to play GA dead, SnS dead, Hatchet dead, Spear not enough for this meta, WH support weapon… (to be honest, if this situation doesn’t change, I don’t think I will play in the next update)

AGS must understand that Melee is the basis of the game, look at the MMO you want, you will see that the most played classes are always Melee class because most players don’t like Range classes Killing melee is the same as killing your game
Every META should have 2melee 2 range. In the new update Meta : BoW,IG,FS,Musket,Rapier… it’s like a joke but it’s not.

I also want to add
AGS please spoiled, selfish people who only care about their own interests please stop listening

Well that’s not the only reason
one of the biggest factors: Dysnc
to fix problems like dysnc, the game’s bone crew can endure but no longer have patience for Imbalance

@Zelme @Shadow_Fox


Dude you realize english is not native in almost whole eu?

Its time to talk about game going to die. It was never about player base, but ability to play the game. Moment you have 0 servers in region with population allowing:

  • play opr
  • play arena
  • run dungeons
  • craft T5 stuff

You have dead game. Since remaining player based cant play it. There is always some treshhold when it comes to minmal population needed for given server to work.

Alright, I think we can thank You for participating in the discussion and kindly ask You to leave.
You ask why? You mentioned that melee is dead, and even suggest that spear is bad.
You are not playing the same game as we do, or You are just trolling, or I don’t know, but no sense to discuss with You, I can clearly see it after that post all that hate coming from it :slight_smile:
Why You just don’t leave the game if You feel so frustrated? I did the same, and came back after 4 months, and I am not frustrated any more. It’s my choice to be here and try to change something for better. Ask Yourself what is Your purpose to even be part of this game?

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You couldn’t be far more away from truth with this statement. Even on the server I am playing currently, 500 players pop, there is players opr, arenas all the time, elite chest runs even …

Start normal discussion with serious arguments, or just stop answering. If all You can do it made up arguments just to be on top, then I refuse to speak with such a time waster.

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This is the super intelligence Ranger player I’m talking about, and people like this only harm the game. and they’re not ashamed to lie
I detest people like this. entities like this are only self-interested entities AGS please create a blacklist for entities like this…

Ok so whaty is average wait time for arena, opr, dungeons:

  1. week day around 10-17
  2. week day around 19-23
  3. same for weekend

If i want play game i dont want to wait 30,60min or more for opr. Same with dungons. If i want run rungeon i dont want to wait half the day until i can find 4 other players.

Right now server im playin on (barri) is up to 650 players on peak. Arena times are up to 3min and OPR we can have 0-2 running same time (weekend). But wait time are like up to 30mini. And it was weekend. Will see today.

In my experience moment server goes below 600 peak players its unplayable if you want to do anything other than farm. Since you cant find ppl to play with and towns getting dowgraded by invasions since there are to players to defend them.

All players that play since day1 experience how server die. Not many pay attention to understand what was reason behind. But some do. There are always many reasons why players quit game, but mostly 1 single reason why given server dies: top pvp companies.

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You see that’s the problem. You keep talking shit about things You don’t know.
Me personally, I am using rapier and spear, so yea… I am ranger player af :slight_smile:
I am the biggest ranger player in my world… ;d

jesus christ, are You for real?

Only self-interest? Check out my posts on forum, or even whole topics I created. And stop to measure me with your own measure … You did not make opening for normall discussion, so stop playing victim now.

We have similar times here. Arena is like from 0 seconds to 60 sometimes. OPR people are plying whole day here, but also waiting time like 0-30 mins, better on weekends.

Under 600 players it’s hard, but still manageable. But hard. Below 300-400 players it’s already time to transfer :smiley:

Yea numbers seems to be correct based on my experience.
So issue remains: pvp comapnies jumping to next server to kill it in 2-3 months max.
Issue is we have not that many servers they can jump into before they kill last one. And since this companies are like 200-300 ppl on each server they cant sustain server alone.

I hope that AGS is aware of this problem, cause we are reporting shell companies since few months.

I think that solution is pretty simple and easy to implement.
Cooldown for changing faction - 1 month. You can’t go directly back to the faction You came from.
Cooldown for changing comapny - 1 month.
Limit for 1 war per day per 1 character. There is other pvp activities, so 1 war daily it’s enough IMO.

he still keeps lying please check the comments on his profile
you really are a super smart person xD xD

Don’t forget to check the dates. xdddddddddddddddddddd

I’m embarrassed for you dude…

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Can look at this and agree with every point, they won’t cut token cost but worth a shot. Considering it is a one time payment game a transfer once a year isn’t much to ask; i understand that it is unnecessary but if you quit now, you have gotten your moneys worth and if you pay to transfer the same applies.

Yea issue is some ppl dont want/cant afford to transfer from what i hear. And they have to bc amazon never addressed issues that do kill servers. So amazon ignoring problem now ask for $15 to fix issue they created. Kinda funny.

I completely understand, it should never be necessary to pay to transfer especially with how they handled early servers and right now I can’t afford one and was lucky enough to have a company who covered it for me.

This is a one time thing and I don’t expect it to happen again for 99.99% of players but from a business perspective they should at least do a sale at some point so that people can get at least one transfer for cheap. This would very likely net them more profit than what they will make in the coming months at its current price. Even a twitch prime deal.

It is kinda funny, I agree with you there


Good advice:
Never use the “d” word in the title of your post or you will receive unpleasant rebukes from everyone on this forum. :wink: