Game death on the horizon

Yea. Issue is we are running out of servers remaining player base can play on. Thats why we need changes fast. So no matter how small player base remain, you can still play the game.

I think this is the big problem. You cannot really even play the game on half the servers.

Cross server OPR, arenas, dungeons would solve a lot of issues.

Urging old players to return is a bit of a tough thing to do without cross server stuff. Though I like the refreshing changes to combat, loot, new expedition, etc., I am apprehensive to tell some of the old heads to reinstall only to find out that the server they’re on is not too populated, 3v3 arenas have long queues or the same premade you play against, OPR is only at peak times, and dungeon groups are hard to find. Ohonoo is staying afloat and I want to see it remain as a more beginner friendly server, but man the days are not long for it compared to the more healthy 1k peaks.

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Runescape solved server issues by making Trading Post and instanced stuff all cross server. This is how you fix the dead server issues. OPR, arenas, expeditions and trading post all cross server.


I’m hoping they merge Pluto, Orun, and ohonoo after the July patch.

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Yea it would. NW in addition have town downgrading issue.

You sound far too arrogant to be giving advice on how to conduct a conversation. Steam charts show us a steady and continual down trend in daily active users since the game was released. It’s still dropping even with everything announced that’s coming. Not to mention a good portion of the stuff they announced pissed people off too… So there is likely going to be a further exodus when this goes live of they don’t stop thinking they know better and start listening.

Great Cleave nerf - mistake
Limiting dungeons-mistake
Nerfing gold by a massive margin from dungeons-mistake
More reused assets (angry earth tentacles in a lost dungeon) - this isn’t even a mistake it’s just pathetic.
Arena - with no leader board garbage rewards and no ranking system people care less about this than pretty much anything else in the game. More wasted time on stupid crap.
Opr- the scoring system for this and for wars is the most mind numbingly stupid thing I have ever seen in my time playing video games. A mage players does literally nothing but spam ice storm and pillar and places first even with a bunch of deaths and 0 kills… Trash.
An entire map (which is really nothing except reused assets over and over which is also pathetic. I mean how sad is it that you can literally place these towns on top of each other and they’re identical…) that no one cares about because world pvp doesn’t exist anymore thanks to this development team.

I could go on and on but you get it.

All of this shit is taking too long to fix. Crafting has been trash since the game released and it has taken a year for them to touch it. The war and territory system are completely broken and destroying server after server yet they say nothing no fix on the horizon after a whole year. Still only have 1 pvp mode worth playing for the majority of the population. Less than 20k concurrent players in prime time… There are 10-15 year old games with better numbers than that. This is sad and boils completely down to incompetence hiring this lead was the biggest mistake of all.


Lot of ppl mainly play arena. Its super low quality what we have but better than nothing. Its only pvp you can get on demand since opr is f… up by bows. And same players just die on arena - limited space to run away.

Bc this is role of mages. Do dmg to counter all healing done by healers. Mages dont have high kill potential. They open kills for bruisers and archers.

No. It was needed. Ppl were just pve farmin pvp xp.

Yep the nerf was needed almost as much as the massive drop in concurrent players that lined up directly with the patch that killed open world pvp. Large groups of players concentrated in one area gave rise to the most fun a lot of folks had in the game myself included. How was any of this a bad thing?

Some people win traded, who the f cares.
Some people just farmed the quests and didn’t fight! Again who cares? You think they don’t do the exact same thing now? Well no you’re prob right they don’t because they don’t log in anymore.
Ags was shown perfectly clear that players felt the time investment required for the missions in GC to get the reward of a spin on the rng slot machine was worth it to them while the terribly designed faction quests in other zones are not. Instead of realizing this and fixing the other quests they nerf… I’m not spending 11 minutes auto running slow af (because why would an MMO have mounts in 2022) through zones I couldn’t care any less about to do these faction quests that are no longer rewarding and further wastes my time. Not to mention that now any time I fight someone they’re worth nothing because ags decided to nerf that too. I mean on that topic how do they think this shit works? Like you go try to take a fort get killed and then just give up? No now it’s just wasting everyone’s time when they come back because even though they’re fighting hard af they still don’t worth salt if I kill them again and vice versa. Yet another massive failure.

This whole “punish everyone” for the sins of a few doesn’t work to stop bots. It doesn’t change player behavior. It doesn’t provide a fun experience. It leads to what you have now empty af servers and a community that resents you.

You completely missed a lot of the points I was making. I know what a mages role is in pvp and ignoring the fact that you’re wrong about them having kill pressure (because a good mage has massive kp) the point is damage should not be the most heavily weighted factor in your score.

Edit- I actually laughed at your comment about arena. Arena is dead AF that’s why they keep trying to add more rewards to entice people to do worthless content.


I wouldn’t say hatchet and spear are dead. They are actually the most common melee weapons I fight against in arena.

But you do have a point, melee is garbage right now, mostly because how op light armor is combined with range.

Now, people tend to think of wars when balancing weapons. The issue is, only 10% of the people on a server join wars. Most people play OPR and arena, and you barely see any melee there.

Trying to fight a fs as melee is a death sentence recently. Yet people still want ranged weapons to be buffed more.

People tend to be ignorant and selfish. There are lots of posts complaining about bow and fs as well as light armor requesting more buffs for them, when in game you rarely see anyone using medium/heavy armor and OPR/Arena are full of mages and bow.

If players want to play range vs range, this is what they will get

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We need reason for mass pvp and we have tool to do it: forts.
But devs have no clue how to build mass pvp around it.

Not many. Since its not very efficient way. Best way now is arena.

Yes there is issue with pvp exp for kills. It should be implemented better so in mass pvp you are always rewarded with pvp xp (0 salt, but some smalll xp). Its very sad when you kill enemy after heavy fight and get nothing.

No. Mage does not have much kill potential. Close combat builds as vg/ig are not mages. This are bruisers. Mage is range build. And it makes it low kill potential.

Odd. Even on server with lol pop barri become - on 400-650 players online i get arena games. Solo,duo, premade. Sometimes waite time is super low, sometimes its 5min +. But its not dead. And when server was 1.4k players on peak it was very alive game mode.

How so? FS didnt get any important buffs. Issue is 90% of bruisers are low quality players. They used to stay im clumps and being keep alive by healers.

And it does not work on arena. But remaining 10% of bruisers on arena are deadly to mages and any other builds. They can even catch and kill bow/rapier since arena is closed space.

In fact fow a while now mages vs bruisers are pretty good balanced. In 1 vs 1 if both on same lvl ± and mage is not using rapier - chances are 50/50. Unless bruiser is some super odd build with out movment abilities like spear/ss or stuff like that. But GA/x, Hatchet/x, spear/rapier and ig/vg - all this builds can catch up and kill mage.

Yes and no. The only problem for mages are ss/hatchet/spear builds that use light armor. I don’t recall when was the last time I witnessed a medium/heavy bruiser stand a chance against a mage, and I don’t mean ig/vg.

Fs did get some indirect buffs, like most range did:

Stamina nerf affected melee the most as they have less options to i-frame when closing in to a range build

Light armor dodge roll got smoother bringing bad player on the same ground with good players since weapon swap was no longer needed

Animation cancel was one of the worst change in the game as it prevents any chance to punish players that commit to attacks or skills. And people request this to be implemented on other skills as well

Mages got buffed with fireball crit and pillar of fire being castable while moving

Flamethrower…one button melee melt build…

Shirking fortification…the most broken ass perk for light armor builds

And now with ss nerf, melee will be forced out of assasin builds and be left with little to no option, or change to range

I guess enabling transfer isn’t a good move if they merge servers, honestly this is what killed most servers. What’s the point to make an analysis based on player numbers if they’re just transfer when the merge comes?

Played on ohonoo up till couple weeks ago. Right around 600 during prime. Before they added gypsum to arena the q times were never less than 8-10 minutes for me and very very often you fought the same 3 people over and over. After the gypsum if you get to it early q is quick but as it gets later even in prime time the q dies again because everyone has their gypsum and gives 0 fks about arena.

Just going to assume you haven’t met many mages of the caliber that I have. Not saying that I am a good one mind you, I suck at mage. But I know some that are straight up nasty. One of the best I know plays fire/ice he is ranged always 10+kills in opr. Not going back and forth about this but you’re simply wrong. Pillar slaps, fire ball slaps and ice spike is nasty AF if set up. Mages have a ton of kill pressure.

So the reason why GC was bad is because we need a reason for mass pvp and even though we had a reason to group up in great cleave to pvp it was bad because they don’t know how to use a fort to do it?? Look I’m really not trying to be mean here but that is the dumbest response I’ve ever read on this issue my guy.

Heavy cant do anything against light builds in open space. And its way it should be. Medium can but you need builds that is very mobile like GA/hatchet. But all mele can close distance by just running and iframing attacks. Mages after each attack are slowed so they can run same speed you run to them. I used to fight skilled bruisers as a mage and its kinda equal chances game. Hard to say if 50% or less, or more. But close.

[quote=“George90, post:33, topic:741139”]
Stamina nerf affected melee the most as they have less options to i-frame when closing in to a range build[/quote]
It affected mages to. You are very limited in getting distance if bruiser close it. Rlly its way easier to bruisers to close distance and keep it that way.

No it didnt. I play mage and can compare with other mages i had play against or with in team. There are still very very bad mages. Issue is not many mages out there so most of them are hardcore mages and are good.

Fireball wasnt changed since you could always move when casting it. Pillar was buffed and FT.

Yes its very good against mele that are under CC. But if you cant stun mage - since he is in your range, you can chunk lot of his hp very fast. Hammer with rent already applied does hit 5-6k. Spear perforate same. Hatchet each attack is 1-2k. I mean being as light armor mage in mele range is super risky.

Yea this is super broken.

Very needed. And expected. They nerf one shot/stun lock builds since begining. And will continue to do so. Since they are annoying for other players.

Shorty: is there any sense to speak with the guy who think that arena is completly dead?
You know what is my problem about your post… You talkling all the time in general, like every opinion You said it’s ultimate fact and it;'s happening on all servers.
First example its server I am on atm, 400 players, arena is running EVERY minute…

So if You start like that, then yea,I sound arrogant cause I can be arrogant against clowns like this :wink:

Really… And Einstein couldn’t tied his shows.

What are your skills, smart guy?

The two greatest threats to this game’s longtime viability:

  1. Super-companies. Wars are extremely important endgame content, but it’s being monopolized by a small group of people through shell-companies and alts. The reason why our PVP player count is falling is because all but roughly 200 people on each server cannot access this content. (Not even going to talk about how a refusal to cap the territory income is just fueling RMT websites.)

  2. Lack of PVE content. A lot of the events are throwaways, with almost nothing worth getting for endgame except cosmetics. There needs to be new chase content. Something for people to work for. Add Amrine and Starstone Mutators. Add brutally difficult M11-20 where you are playing at severe GS penalty for unique weapon drops. Add more families of items where one or two perks are fixed and another rolls randomly. Shake up the meta and change WH scaling to STR/FOC and LS to FOC/DEX to create more weapon combinations so we have a reason to farm the “bad” stats.


Most old players who quit won’t come back. They are not sitting idle in their basement, waiting for the game to get better. Most of them/us already found another game to invest our passion in.

Anyrhing that may be coming, if anything is coming at all, given that AGS never acknoledged the basic issue that makes people leave, will never be enough to make people come back. That time has passed.