Game dev decisions that make no sense

We can see what recipe we own, if we try to salvage our own recipe, but if someone tries to sell some or we check the market, we have NO way of knowing, if we know the recipe or not…

Simply show it ON the recipe, if we know it or not… (when you hover over it for example)

Harvesting, gathering, skinning, mining luck amulets give negative luck, instead of positive luck…

You can earn gypsum every 18 hours, but can craft the orb every 22 hours… this leads to people forgetting, that they need to craft the orb… just remove the orb cd… please…

Weapon quest for your 580 weapons, as a fresh lvl 60 now lead you into lvl 66 elite zones, which are hard even for a 600 gs 5 man team. This needs to be addressed…

You have no visual indicator how much luck for looting, gathering etc. you actually have. Why not show this stat? And in fact, all stats on that matter. How much % reduction do we have, etc. We want to know these stats!
PVP 30% gathering luck, seems to have been shadow nerfed, or drop rates have been adjusted, since 1.2 patch, gathering yields way less legendary mats then directly after the 30% patch.

ELEMENTAL enemies not dropping any kind of elemental motes anymore… This is just the… oh gosh… Come on devs these wolves etc were way to OP, ok i get it. But to nerf them from 800exp and 80 wyrdwood+2-3 life quintessence to 150 exp and 2 wyrd wood? This is just a joke. These enemies will be ignored by everyone. Find a good middle ground… 400 exp, 10-20 wyrd wood and 5-20 motes, would be perfectly fine. Its not too much (same amount as a tree) and you get some motes out of it too. Tada, people farm these again

Repairpacks can only be used once? You spend 300?! repairparts on a t5 repairpack and you can only use it once, while repairing a fully broken weapon cost only 24 parts… that makes no sense at all.

Tradepost… oh boy here we go:

  • You cannot see, WHEN you sold item X or item Y, people want to have timestamps on their sales.
    You cannot search/find things like beeswax, dungeon crafting mates (sticky vines, jade collars etc)
  • The price of the item you want to sell, AUTOMATICALLY adjusts to the lowest price it can find listed. This has already impacted to many people, as not everyone bothers checking for the real price, as many items are price fixed on the marked and this feature supports price fixing. Just leave it at 100g standard and let people type their price, without changing it.
  • You cannot sell items when you storage is full (this is the dumbest…) I mean i get why that was implemented. You want to stop people from storing items inside the storage indefinitely, but there are other ways…
    For example:
    Limit the number of items per sale that can be sold to 10, when you storage is full (you can still sell armor, weapons etc, but not mass store 10k plus items)
    Increase the tax per sale listed (above 10 item at once) by huge amounts, if your storage is full, so people have to pay shitloads of gold, if they wanna overload their storage. Like 100g for 11 items, 200g for 12 etc. Its pretty common to have huge fees, if you storage is overloaded.
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Wait you can see recipes you own when trying to salvage? xd Mine literally just deletes the item since this update, no fiber, no notification, nothing. And have tested it multiple times with checking i have a recipe and then buying it and trying to salvage it to learn.

The amulet thing has been debunked many times btw (unless its broke again which wouldnt surprise me)

gypsum you can earn a lot of it consistently with no cd so its not even consistent in itself.

Also you didnt address the HUGE OPR bugs and exploits, and just countless issues. From not being able to join OPR and being stuck in town, to that leading to 3v20 games. Score being HARD nerfed, healers gaining 0 assists from healing and resulting in 0 score. To the exploit that STILL exists at the middle point stairs (Its been there for 3 patches) where you can just shoot and heal people through the wall and they cant attack you unless they get into the exploit also.

Ah right this one I forgot… when you own 2 or more of a recipe and you salvage 1 of them, you earn fibers, instead of learning the recipe :smiley:

The amulet one has been proven to give negative luck many many times too :smiley:

Yeah i left out the PVP ones as its just too much thats going on there…

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