Game did not offer winter quests in order

I went to pick up the first winter quest in the winter village - should have been “The Yearly Convergence”. However, the only quest the yeti person offered me was “Forever Winter” for killing the Winter Warrior. I have never done the other quests, this account did not even exist for the prior Winter event.

Character name: Hugh d’Ambray
Server: Valhalla

Hello @Wintersheart

Hope you are doing great and welcome to the forums and apologize about this situation where you are receiving only the last quest fo the winter event.

I understand the first quest that the Yeti should give you is yes “The Yearly Convergence” to start the chain.
Please check on your “Winter Convergence Shop” if you have any reputation progress bar or if the quests are offered in other winter villages.

Let me know how this looks.
Keep gaming Adventurer!

Hello, I am having the same problem, also, the quests from other winter villages are all giving the same quest “Forever Winter”.

Character name: Strapa10
Server: Mayari

Hello @leo_strapa

Welcome to the forums and apologize about this misuderstanding!

I would suggest to check the the same as above. Check the reputation bar on the event in order to confirm if it has already a progress or is empty.
If this bar has no progress at all please create a web ticket here: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Best wishes.
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Hi there, are you suggesting that reputation progress causes earlier quests to become unavailable? Am I getting punished by missing quest rewards because I decided to go fight the Winter Warrior before I started the questline? I don’t see how reputation progress is related to missing quests.

I have the same issue, I only got the last quest. I know this for a fact because I completed that quest but I still haven’t found any gleamite so there’s no way I could have completed the prerequisite. There are no more quests at any of the winter villages. At this point, my reputation is maxed but that doesn’t change the fact that I missed out on 3 quests worth of rewards

Character: Kitlana Arco
Server: Isabella

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That seems to be the case. It is being fixed tonight:


Right on, thanks so much

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Sorry to double post. After checking today, there are still no quests available for me at any of the Winter Villages.

Am I SOL here?

I am in a similar situation. I do not have the Winter Convergence Festival quests available in any of the winter villages (I believe I did one), but at this point I have maxed out reputation. Does that mean the quests are no longer available?

So it’s been a week since my first post in this thread. What are the chances I’ll have any of my questions answered? I hate to be that guy but it’s kind of ridiculous that we’re just getting ignored.

Hello Adventurers.

Hope you are doing great!

This topic was manged by the december 8th downtime. If you have completed the Winter Warrior quest the progress wont be reset.

Best Wishes.
Keep gaming Adventurers!

Cool. So I got screwed out of not only quest rewards, but also the experience of getting to do these quests because of a bug and the fix doesn’t retroactively help those who got screwed. Love it.

Thanks for responding at least. I am not upset with you. But I am very upset at the situation, being that I don’t get to experience this limited time questline like other players.

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I also dont have this quest nor have I completed it.

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