Game feedback, my incomplete list

Just for the beginning: the in-game feedback possibility is limited to 1000 characters, so I gave my first feedback (and only this one) there with 1of5 stars criticising this.
Then I searched here on the forum if there is a better place for posting feedback… but one single category for all game feedbacks. Not really a clear display.

My summary of NW: I really like the game and many of it’s concepts. BUT there are sooo many things, mostly small things, which adds up to frustration and lack of understanding. I’ve too often the feeling of driving a car with a truck engine, bicycle wheels and an aircraft helm and one direction indicator starboard and the other one at the bottom.
Yes, I’ll list mostly “negative” things in hope of being read and taking notice. I completely left out “meta” stuff like in game lore or the economy in general.

User interfaces, general:
General: I’ve the feeling most UI were done at pre-alpha and if there were no bugs, they have never ever been touched again. Or being sarcastic: I’ve the feeling the devs and especially the responsible persons never played more than a few hours because they all my listed points are so obvious. Or am I such a picky person?

  • You cannot move your mouse pointer over linked items (or anything else) on screen unless you open the chat. Annoying when you just want so see the linked item. Isn’t there any key the get your mouse pointer “free” to move around the screen?

Trader UI:

  • At buying I can sort (a little bit), when selling not? Inconsistency. The hole trader UI complicates the trading enormously
  • Most every UI doesn’t remember anything, you always need to click again and again even when doing the same in a row or if you want to use again the same resources as the second before (especially annoying with the current crafting-interruption bug). An ‘always remember’ setting and an easily clickable reset/refresh button would help so much.


  • Class less system, anything doable – that’s nice. But it’s awful painstaking to search every time the pieces out of inventory/bank. The search system only work for “Tanners…” or equivalent gear, sorting “by time” only if you never change pieces of sets or if you do useless extra work of equipping and re-storaging it.
  • You can see everywhere what you stored at one place, nice. But not, how much storage is left. You cant search all storages at one time.
  • “E” for taking all storage, ouch… you never tried so salvage a salvage-locked item, or?
  • “The item cannot be transferred…” message for each try. If your funny, you try it some dozen times to get this massage for the next half hour :wink:


  • Either the quest marker is exactly where you need to go,… or… somewhere else. No consistency.
  • Group play is made so difficult. You cannot link quests. You need to be lucky or very persistent to get more than one other player with same quests.
  • Main quest requires some times to enter a one time instanced place (like the Well). In principal not a bad idea, but… on lower populated server it was an everlasting task, ending in corps running to finally kill the mob at the well…
  • You cannot really sort quests in your log, its pure chaos.

Lack of (important) information:

  • Players: how much crit/luck chance I have? And many similar information. Seems the resistance pop-up was one long age done work around.
  • Guild: Nice to see online/offline since and rank. Nothing else. Way to less important information.
  • War/invasion: you see name, level and faction. Nothing else… hard to coordinate anything.
  • General: nearly none information about game mechanic at all on the homepage or ingame – it’s (as usually) left to the player community to create their one (not update) char-builders etc. Example: Luck, armour etc has % food has thousand-digit numbers (again: inconsistency). Without data miners players would be left in the dark.

Warning messages:

  • Some are at the right corner either for milli seconds or repeated for an eternity. No uniformity. Especially the invasion/war invitation pop-up which blocks so many important stuffs (like hurry to the bank for searching the suitable equipment) – waiting 8 minutes and then joining via “O” is not a fine option.
  • Azoth warning is nice, but not if you’re gathering with azoth extraction tools… annoying messages 30-40% of the time…
  • Looks great at first but then: is there a mountain, a valley or… what? All too often its hard to decipher the map. Latest when faction controls regions and the nice colouring of the factions blurry the map.
  • If there are more quest markers on the map it’s a puzzle to pin/unpin them
  • Huge incoming war/invasion sign blocking the sight on the map


  • I assume they are not scaled at all. Meaning for lower populated servers: every few days 1-4 structures are downgraded. Since the beginning. Every time. At Cannopis only one invasion was repelled (because of a bug where most mobs didn’t attack). Discouraging. First territory ruling guilds left, thus enhancing this problem.
  • (and also at war): for me and some others its gambling time if it’s a delaying cinema or not. Most times I also notice in the open world when an invasion/war ended because of upcoming lags…


  • Yes you can made many settings, but only one general for one tab. So… you need to click everytime when youre solo/group/war/else situation to get your setting for the situation. Individual tabs would be nice
  • The “warning message” block mosts parts of the last message. Strange alert symbol even for muted channels as far as I remember.
  • You can cut (ctrl+x) but copying (ctrl+v)?

Its kept small and simple – and confusing. Again I have the feeling that at pre-alpha the first one available had been taken and never switched to a forum which doesn’t look like one from the 1990s. Or perhaps I’m getting too old…
And a little bit order would be nice… like:
Dev tracker: topic wise, not every single answer for a better/quicker overview
Bugs/exploit: a category of solved bugs/exploits
Edit: the recent created “[Megathread] Weekly Update 1.0.5 Bug Megathread” looks like a first step.


  • Pressing “E” at a shrine/bank without intention of open a menu (like chopping a tree near of a shrine, or salvaging at a shrine) open the shrine/bank menu. Every time.
  • Shrines are not safe, too often mobs cruise near them and attack idle players.
  • Poor descriptions at war/invasion/outpost (in game or homepage)
  • Consumable hotbar: the hotkey number and the number of these consumable block each other (one at bottom one at top perhaps?)
  • It would be really nice if the (extra) cooldowns of the 3 abilities were always at the same place (Q R F). So, you would see way easier which ability is on CD or not
  • The blight/corrupted resistance debuff indicator overlaps visually with the other CD indicators…
  • Time zones: please use one system, or at least update the CEST (the “S” means Summer)

I don’t know how many other points I didn’t wrote down. As written, most are small things, but as you see they sum up to a huge long list. And also, I’m sure most of them have already been written down (even in alpha or beta forum, which is no longer available…).

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