Game feels bad different

Is the game a failure? Ya it’s down to 80k after peaking at 600k and they had the nerve to try and lower the value of crafted gear which blows my mind. All in all the game is made by very incompetent people which makes me pretty sad seeing as how I like the combat style more than any other MMO. I think Josh Strife Hays summed it up well. Really incompetent development and terrible decisions leading to a fraction of the player base hanging around and there isn’t even a sub price.


yeah he did a really good job on his video, they really should have just left the game full pvp


Full PVP ?

You probably could not played it, you know, because of the bullies. :rofl: :joy:

Full PVP is kind of niche, and Amazon seems to have wanted to bat with the big cats like WoW and FF14.

I enjoy pvp a lot and always stay flagged and do Outpost Rush when I feel the need to play for more than an hour. Since all my friends in my company quit I basically log in for an hour most days to get my daily craft cds and sit outside WW and duel. I really wish there was a 2v2 or 3v3 arena, I think that would be really fun. Just another missed opportunity.

Some dude watches clickbait video with hindsight and now calls out devs.

What have you done?

Has there been problems? Yes as expected.

I feel they have pivoted very well and fixed thing very quickly. Is it perfect no, but the dev team should be proud of what they have created and continue to work to make better.

I bet OP works at a call center and has never really had to make any decisions or accomplished much. I could be wrong but that does not seem to be a problem here.


I can be anything I want on the internet but no, I invested rather well out if college and in 2019 I sold a small pool construction business I had worked tirelessly on and wouldn’t say I have ever been apart of anything quite as dysfunctional as New World development. I did recently go through a really bad break up though so if you want you can make fun of me for that, however I would have never released a game in the deplorable state New World was in. As far as their efforts to fix the game I just have a real hard time with luck being bugged which is basic math and the 1.1 patch which was a complete joke. I don’t see how a reasonable person can laugh the design decisions off about the originally proposed HWM system lowering the value of crafted gear.

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That’s my favorite place to watch content too, morally unacceptable as it may be.

ah didn’t see Josh posted a vid on it.
Noice will watch xD
also happy it’s long asf lol

If they stuck with full loot pvp you would have had 10,000 at launch and 10k now playerbase

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People can hate on content creators all they want and in most cases they would be right. If you cannot watch a JSH MMO video and see the objective stance he takes the problem is with you.

He is one of the few content creators that has something of value to offer.


This and every other MMO need to get a handle on game security first and foremost. With no integrity in the gameplay for the honest player to compete against dup/cheaters/exploiters/coin sellers from the gate and never see them go. Instead we see more game breaking content. well enough said.

A full loot PvP MMO will never be popular. It will start off pretty well but crater fast. They are fun to think about but in practice they simply cannot sustain even a small dev team these days. Plus, cheaters go nuts and always unchecked, that drives off tons early on.

Which brings up some of the points about, cheating is the #1 threat to all MMOs and probably to all online multiplayer games. Seen many a game ruined by cheaters. Development companies need to be more prepared right at launch for all the cheating. AGS wasn’t, though I do give them some props for acting quicker than most MMO companies. Like Activision is rolling in cash but they hardly do a thing.

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Nice Video … This game needs serious fixing

Even certain PvX games can start off pretty well but crater fast.

In New World for example, once one faction dominates, the server dies, as the losers start leaving, and even the winners leave too as they get bored.

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I really keep saying this, New world mechanics are different just to say it’s different with no real value added to the players.

It seems being “different” is at the cost of player convenience and to annoy players actively. Like did someone sit there and say yeah expertise on top of HWM? Yes please.

You mastered the firestaff but you’re not an expert on holding it or picking up a different firestaff.

Grind for grind is not different, it’s common as mud in games where basic design is changed mid development and publisher does not give developers time to add enough content.
(Changing specs midway is the worst and most expensive thing that can happen to software developer and it happens all the time. Too bad.)