Game feels like a job

I enjoyed this game when the open world pvp was active and there were people to fight. Now that is gone, the population is dropping and there is no incentive to open world pvp.

the entire time i spend now gaming instead of doing things I like to do - I spend setting up to have fun…

its either doing “the dailies” for the gypsum grind OR doing the farm for the orbs to gain access to the dungeons.

The game isn’t fun.

Even OPRs have become a chor now because apart from the 2 gypsum they aren’t worth playing post that, the reward vs time just isn’t there.

I haven’t seen a decent 600GS drop for any of form of pvp since the patch dropped pre christmas.

This games future isn’t looking bright at all.

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Restitution is in order for all tax paid thus far.

Tax revenue creates inequality a drastic wealth gap slowing the economy.

Furthermore devaluates coin which in turn discredits time played.

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