Game Freeze, Crash after Emergency Maintenance

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I was create topic yesterday about that situation.That issue started at morning yesterday.Than at night the problem is solved.And now i am started the getting freeze and crash again.But i realise something, this issue starting the morning until the night.I am %100 sure its server side problem, not hardware.As i said before if problems at my side i cant play at night.But at nights i didnt get any problem.This issue started after the Emergency maintenance.I will list all my logs at this topic, and i really tired of that issue.Its so annoying i cant play the game stable after that maintenance.As i said before this issue server side not our hardware or software side.Please dev team check this.Most of people cant play the game because of that.

Verify Integrity of Game Files done.
GPU and Win drivers updated.
Run as administrator done.
ipv6 method tried.
Uninstall/Reinstall the game done.
Repair Easy AntiCheat done.
NewWorldLauncher.exe to run as an admin method tried.
Using ethernet cable.
I checked that topic tried every steps and still no solution.(After latest upd of Client app game crashes after 20/30 min).
My other post (Game crashing after rollback)
Checked that topic and no solution.
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There is no error code and pop up screen.If i wait like 10 min i can join the server and after the 2-3 min game is crashing.

People who having that issue too.(More topics at forum rn but i dont wanna fill here with so many links.)

Server problem on your side I guess market causing latency)

System Specs:
Nvidia RTX 2060
Ryzen 5 3500X
16 GB Ram
Asus B450M

Character Name:Melkor The Great



Exact same problem after emergency downtime.

No other software added. Nothing changed.

İt takes 5-10 minutes of reloading servers to load my character, I load in, it’s alright for 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.

Then it becomes unresponsive. Windows gives me the option to shut it down. If I wait I sometimes get nothing and it crashes anyway and sometimes I get the whole suspicious software thing and get kicked out.

I repeat, I had nothing changed and there shouldn’t be any software meddling with New World.

World: Kerguelen
Name: @Shivvies

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happens to me too


Same problem since last update. ¡PLEASE FIX!

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