Game freezes at random, was working fine before

My game started freezing tonight while being in a random group doing elites on Shattered Mountain.
Game was working fine since launch, and now the game stops responding at random times, did it like 10 times in the last 2 hours. The screen freezes while music still plays, sometimes it comes back from the freeze in 1-2 minutes while most of the time it does not and I have to end task.
I did a steam integrity check, no result.
Reinstalled the game, no result.
Ran CCleaner, Advance System Care, Driver Update, no result.
Deleted user_preload_settings.cfg on %appdata% AGS New World, no result.
I am running out of ideas and I strongly believe there is nothing else I can do on my end.
Please send help…

Hello i have the same problem, and it started today. I never had a freeze until now, and today i had like 6-7 freezes already. I tried even underclocking my cpu and gpu because i thought it was throttling. but this did not solve the issue.

I think is related to “Easy Anticheat” detecting some false positives from the mouse/headsets programs. I deleted “Easy Anticheat” and reinstalled it from the New World directory. I still have to do some testing when I wake up to see if the problem persists or is being fixed.

Same issue, game’s been working flawlessly until this morning. Every 5-10 minutes of gameplay, game suddenly freezes while music keeps playing, as the OP said.

EDIT: it might be from some anti-cheat software, got this error after the freeze:

So my friend got this too, i watched his Discord stream to investigate it.
it’s 100% game related.
3 hours later i got a freeze too.
ima head out here. ima keep an eye open for patches, but for me this game is done, it’s completly broken from the bottom to the top.

the only good thing i see about that is ; we’re not alone.
i wish all alot of fun playing NW.

Yesterday I had that problem, it had started to happen to me 2 days ago. I did the file check from Steam and for now it has not happened to me again, I hope it has been solved.

I tried doing the file check from Steam and the issue seems to be fixed, no more freezes.

Hello, i had the same problem on my PC, first, 3 to 4 times a day, after some updates, the game wasn’t freezing… just crushing like 2 times a day, sometimes with only 1 hour of playing, sometimes, with 6.
2 dats ago, i changed motherboard (Asus TUF), processor (Ryzen 7) and RAMs (2 x16gb 3200hz) and no more crashes or freezing.
Here is the tricky part, i “donated” my old components to my wife’s PC… aaaaand, that’s right she started to have the same freezes than me, with her old hardware, she never had a freeze or crash; i took the only logic choice and took one of my bran new 16gb Rams and stick it in her… motherboard, and it had been 2 days without a single freeze from both PCs.
I think this could be a RAM problem (the old ones were 2600hz), processor or motherboard (doubt).
If you have the option… try using different RAMs or at least… test the game with only 1 module and switch to the other if the freeze continues.
I will keep you guys post it if i found anything wrong or if the freezes comes back.

same issue problem is it killed my HDD…

do not keep logging in if you have this issue wait for it to be fixed.

same exact issue here, maybe eac is causing these issues?

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