Game freezes consistently but audio still plays

Any Error messages you are getting: none

What is happening? The game client will randomly freeze but the audio still plays. Sometimes it recovers a couple minutes later, most of the time I have to force the client closed via Task Manager. Sometimes this happens after playing for 30 seconds, sometimes 5 minutes or so, but it happens consistently. I didn’t have this issue until a few days after launch but I can’t remember the exact date that the issue started.

Where are you in the process when you run into the trouble? There is no specific trigger. It happens when I’m in the middle of nowhere, in a city, standing still, etc. It even happens when I’m sitting in queue, though the difference is that the client almost always recovers while I’m sitting in queue.

I tried all of the troubleshooting steps in the Game keeps crashing? Try any of these steps! thread to try and fix the issue on my desktop. None of the fixes worked so I eventually gave up and downloaded the game on my laptop. However, I had the exact same freezing issue that I was having on my desktop.

That made me think that maybe the issue was my ISP since I was having the exact same issue on two completely different machines. I launched a hotspot on my mobile phone (Verizon), connected my desktop to my hotspot via Wi-Fi and played without encountering the freezing issue for 4 hours straight. However, using data from my cellular hotspot is not a viable workaround for the long term.

At this point, I am confident that the issue is related to my ISP. I want to note that when the game freezes there are no noticeable issues with my internet connection. There are no interruptions with other real-time services that I am using like Discord audio and video calls on MS Teams. This is the only game where I am experiencing any issue like this, so I don’t know if this is actually my ISP’s issue or a New World client issue.

Machine 1 - Desktop
OS : Windows® 10 64-bit
Processor : Intel® Core™ i5-6600k CPU @ 3.50GHz
Memory : 16 GB RAM
Graphics : NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970
DirectX : Version 12
Network : Broadband Internet connection

Machine 2 – Laptop
OS : Windows® 10 Enterprise
Processor : Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz
Memory : 32 GB RAM
Graphics : NVIDIA® T500
DirectX : Version 12
Network : Broadband Internet connection

Mam taki sam problem Laptop RTX 3070

I’ve managed to get the amount of times it freezes down to about half, since launch I’ve been trying to fix this. Something is seriously wrong with their code…

Recently installed MSI afterburner & manually set GPU fan speed to 100% seems to be working, still getting the odd freeze every now & then.

I have not been able to play for two 2 days because of that problem but my game freezes after 10 seconds

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