Game Freezes/Crashes every 20 to 30 minutes. Unplayable in current state

Game Freezes/Crashes every 20 to 30 minutes. Unplayable in current state.

Will be running fine at low or medium graphics, smooth FPS, normal temps then boom crash / Freeze.

All suggested fixes DO NOT WORK.

Produces crash log:

[2021-10-11T19:34:04] [2716:10608:20211011,193404.053:ERROR] ReadMemory at 0x7ffd0f76f368 of 512 bytes failed: Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed. (299)

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Hello Canada-Bacom! Im sorry to hear you are having an issue with the game. Can you please specify which troubleshooting has being perform and let me know if there is any specific error shows, additionally, have you check the GPU/RAM/CPU usage/temp?

i’ve been having the exact same issue, all my temps are fine ive end stress tested all my pc parts to rule that out.
running 11900k, 3080 and 32gb ram.
ive re installed the same verified and all that, still been crashing.
also tried increasing the virtual memory of the harddrive as someone else suggested.

All recommendations to validate files, update PC, update Drivers, lower settings etc have been tried.

All usages and temps are within normal range

CPU runs 60c. GPU at 75c, while slightly high i have little issue doing this with other games.

Usage is 50% 50% 90% across the board, all normal usages that other games handle fine.

The error in the crash report is as pasted

Just to update I did bluescreen while playing just now. could be unrelated however

Thank you for replying! May I know if you have recently updated to windows 11 ? And by any chance are you using a Nvidia GPU, checking on previous post I’ve seen improvement by using the previous Driver version.

Please test it up and let me know!

Have you tried installing the newest nvidia drivers and checking the box ‘perform clean installation’? That has helped my game stability a lot. Still crashing here and there though, but nothing like before.

They’d want to use DDU (display driver uninstaller) in safe mode as that clean installation checkbox doesn’t remove the registry entries, and over time these can corrupt after driver update after update after update is applied

I have not and No, im on AMD Radeon

All my drivers are up to date*

Updated my drivers after the first crash

Note that I turned on the 60FPS cap to see if it would help at all

Had another crash with an AMD error this time image

Yeah I have the same crashes also with driver. Plz fix your game!

Hi. So far i keep testing things to see what works

My last crash bring up driver errors for the AMD GPU signifies it could be an issue of the game overworking the gpu for a long period of time. Something i think can or should be optimized

My normal temp for New World on GPU is about 75c. Which is high but manageable. If this temp is causing issues after ~30 minutes it could be the cause. As such i have attempted this fix.

The fan keeps temps between 59c and 63c more than 10 degrees cooler

So far I had a 40 minute game session with zero crashes but had to leave early of my own accord. Will try to test longer game sessions to see of this holds up.

I am able to report over 3 hours of gameplay with zero crashes due to this method

I still hold the opinion the game shouldn’t be causing my GPU to have the issues but this is the temporary fix for now.

I don’t think a gpu being mid 70s is that alarming of a temperature, now if it was the cpu then i would be a little concerned. I didn’t see the exact gpu you have but if you google, mid 70s is a completely normal gpu temp for a lot of people while gaming, Pretty sure your gpu would have to get to above 90 degrees before it starts throttling or turns off

Trust me I’m well aware. But this is literally the only way I can play without crashing right now.

If you want to play while they solve the problem, try putting the settings on low and 30 fps, yesterday I managed to play with those settings … if I increased them the game would freeze instantly

Tried this as previously stated and it was not working. The fan is the only working solution for now.

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