Game freezing PC few minute after launch


For the last three days shortly after launching the game and logging into the game world, the game freezes and I have to hard reboot via power button, as unable to move mouse/navigate to task manager etc.

This happens 2/3 times, and then I have just been able to play as normal without freezing.

I did not have the same issue in closed or open beta, or for the first few days of playing after launch.

I am running a older rig with:
i7-3770 @3.4ghz 4 cores
16gb ram
EVGA GTX-1060 6gb

I have limited the fps to 30 via game settings
All graphics settings are on low.
vsync off
All drives up to date, latest bios.
I have tried to verify integrity of game via steam.
Delete specific game files following your guide sticky to this forum.

In the log files I have:

Update 08/10/2021:
This morning on first attempt to log on, I did not crash instead after about 20 minutes of game play I realised my gpu fan was getting faster, so I decided to exit the game. On pressing exit to desktop the game crashed to bios. Two errors in log file:

followed by many entries of this: SBufferPoolImpl::Allocate: could not allocate buffer of size.

Kindest Regards, Thanks

This happened to me this morning for the first time ever after the patch, I am now unable to log in and am constantly getting sent back to main menu when i try log in, After a few attempts the game crashes with “Lumberyard Erorr”

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