Game frozen "No Responding"

I have played since the previous Betas, and I never had this problem … Since the official launch of the game, every time I have internet instability, my game starts to freeze drastically and constantly (As you can see in the images).

I have played infinities of Games, and only with New World this problem occurs. No response from the game due to internet failure?


Same, my game crashed 5 times today, 2 times inside the lv45 dungeon and 3 times at towns.
But this is nothing with internet issues, this is the game itself. Dont help them getting easy fix like “its your network, the game is fine” there are a lot of people complaining today, so its not your net bro.

Yes, so I could see in another post. The strange thing is, as I say, it always happens to me when I have internet problems, and I just sent a message to support with this. Because it seems strange to me, although this error is from its official launch.

And as I told support, whether it was an internet error or not, the game would not have to be ruined in such a way.

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