Game immersion vs. minimap

I’ve had the minimap immersion kerfuffle rolling around in my head for a few days now. I personally do enjoy the effort at being immersive (minimal “glowy” items, gorgeous scenery and view distance, etc.), however since the official post a few days ago I must say that the current mapping system has a negative impact on my immersion.

To be at all efficient in travel, the M map is constantly at the ready, removing me from the world to a fullscreen map. Combine that with the need to have a wiki map on a separate monitor for constant comparison when trying to sus out all the chests in an area.

The compass at top is indeed useful but to an incomplete degree. It will spot a rabbit dozens of meters away in addition to the one at my feet. I challenge anyone to successfully find nuts with any feeling of accomplishment.

All joking aside, a minimap would greatly increase my immersion. A casual glance at it to know if I’m heading in the right direction to another building would be awesome.

Then get the NW Dev okay’d Overwolf minimap addon.

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