[Game improvement proposal] improving weapons in teamplay

Lots of feedback on the game - criticize the game being too solitary.

many weapons seem to be made only for 1 v 1 and to deny combat.

I think this should be corrected to offer a greater contribution of each weapon in groups.

the idea is simple:

allow each weapon to have a new passive that gives a bonus to the player and their group at the same time when the weapon is used.

I therefore proposed some ideas for each weapon, of active skill to the whole group and to the player, when this one has the weapon in his hands.

|Finisher| Increases group member damage by 20% on targets with less than 30% health|

|bullet proof| Reduces ranged damage taken by group member by 10%|

|Eel| When the members of your group hit a target with a skill, they recover 10 vitality points|

|berserk slayer| Your group members deal 30% more damage when below 30% health|

|Opportunistic| your group members increase their damage by 10% against weakened targets|

*Great Axe
|center of attention| Increases the melee damage of your group members by 10% when
surrounded by at least 3 opponents|

*War Hammer
|protective courage| Fortification of 10% of your group members when surrounded by at least 3 opponents|

|hunter speed| Your Group members gain 15% haste for 3 seconds at the end of a dodge|

|wolf pack| your Group members increase their damage by 10% on targets attacked in the last second|

|risk of fire| if your Group members take hits at less than 30% health, their opponents will take 10% of their damage as fire damage.|

|rewards| Heals your group members for 8% of the damage they deal|

*Ice Gauntelet
|chills| Increases the time of move debuff inflicted by members of your group by 30%|

*Void Gauntlet
|cleaning| Reduces the time of your Group members’ debuffs by 30%|

|last chance| When the members of your group suffer damage beyond 30% of their health points, they will obtain a fortification reducing the damage suffered by 10% for 4 seconds|

New world is not a solitary game, let’s take advantage to bring more interest to each weapon in a group!

What do you think?

to your suggestions!

Weapon specific buffs would be very interesting, but they would have to be universal stats that effect everyone. Things that are useful to anyone. for example LS giving Cooldown, mage giving crit, and so on.

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I would like to see a burst start from a light melee build from a prone position like say

[Striking distance. Gain 50% haste for 1.5 seconds from dodging out of a prone position. Cool down 15 seconds]

Just to help close the distance during a surprise attack much quicker.

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