Game improvements


During my play of this game I found some issues with Faction Balance, PvP, and QoL, gold income.
Here are some of my ideas on how to fix some issues with them or improve the game all around.


  • Remove the 120 days cooldown faction move from Dominant Faction. This will allow them to move to more unrepresented factions and help create a balance in them.
  • Give the most unrepresented faction a -10-20% azoth cost on all territories. This is will make people actually want to move to those faction for the benefits.
  • Create a cap on the faction population. Sadly I don’t like this idea but not capping just break the balance.
  • Change settlement inventory transfer to free within the same faction territory and a pay fee from non-faction territories.


  • Remove Gold from repair, increase part need by repair. why is their a need for double currency for this
  • Teleportation from Settlement to waypoint on the same territory(zone) should be free, or a fix cost of like 25 azoth.
  • Azoth cost instead of being between distance let it be Fix price(50,100,150,200) depending how many territories are in between
  • Remove Azoth price increase base on inventory weight.
  • Items in inventory should not be Damage when user die.
  • Change repair kit to repair all items you currently have equipped that are the repair kit tier or less
  • Change to Dungeon.
    • Remove Chisel from Craft requirement or Make it only need faction point and no gold to
    • Make last boss have a certain drop rate to drop the chisel.
    • Make all trash mob inside dungeon Drop gold.
  • Change how House taxes work, either reduce the tax or change it to monthly like in real life.


  • Increase exp bonus and increase gathering yield.
  • Give user Luck around 5% when flag
  • Base exp and yield bonu on faction population.
  • All vs All pvp zone.
    • No Faction immunity
      - Where resource refresh rate is 50% faster.
      - Faction and name are Hidden (this too prevent gank or zerg squad)
      - groups cant be formed.

That are some of my ideas.

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