Game Improvements/Features that are needed

  • Questing - It needs to be redone/improved as every quest is the two basic types of kill this and collect that.

  • Open World Npcs - the world feels very empty as there are no npcs walking or running around, it would be nice to see some just on the roads/protecting their farms/villages.

  • Mounts - the world is too big even with shrines everywhere the amount the time it takes to get somewhere is too much to enjoy it, i do believe that mounts should only be used in PVE and not PVP.

  • More Voiced Quests - Having everything voiced helps tell a better story as right now not many know what even the story is.

  • More Collectables/Achievement Rewards - Adding more things to collect in the world will bring some fun to exploring and having rewards that are not just titles to Achievements will give more reason to do them.

  • Pets - Have little companions that follow you around, this can be rewards from doing quests or Achievements.

  • Public Dungeons - Have some dungeons that are not group based and can be entered alone. It should still be elites but not as hard and the loot should never be as good as the group based dungeons.

  • Hidden Treasure - Add randomly Treasure Chests around the map (should be basic stuff in it for crafting mostly), this again adds to the fun of exploring.

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Totally agree in everything. I would add swiming, no because we need it but the game seems a beta without that for people who come new.

Yea i forgot about the swimming lol as i got used it not being a thing but yup that should be added in the game by now

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