Game is freezing and sometimes stucking on starting secreen

Today my game started to freeze and also sometimes im stucking on the starting screen. I verified game many times and tried to start EasyAntiCheat as administor

Hi @PlanetOrange,

First of all I would like to apologize for the inconvenience!

Quick question, after the game freezes does it crash? Does it give you an error message or anything?

Looking forward to your reply! :grin:

@rasboi I wait for 3 mins and nothing happened. I mean it freezes. This issue started today. I had no problem before today.

I have same issue and started today. After waiting for a long time, I get a " New World not respond " message.

I’m stuck at the New World logo when launching the PTR client. I’ve verified files, etc.

Thanks for the quick response!

Have both of you tried lowering the graphics to the bare minimum, restarting the game and checking if it works?

For example putting all the video settings in low, v-sync off and 30 fps lock.

I also recommend keeping windows and gpu drivers up to date!

Please try it out and let me know if something changes!

My graphics settings already low. now i get a new message. should i repair?
am i banned or :S


@Hunden Yes for all your questions. I am playing low settings, v sync is off and also my windows and graphic card is up to date. As i said i had no problem before today.

Ok @Karadzul,

In this case I would recommend that you do the following:

  1. Go to the folder New World is installed at.
  2. Find the folder containing Easy AntiCheat
  3. Launch the EasyAntiCheat.exe as administrator and repair it.

After that try to launch the game and check if it still happens.

Ok, in this case can you try to go to your savedata folder and delete its data please.

After that I would recommend to verify the integrity of the files again and if need be reinstall the game.

To find the savedata folder do the following:

  1. Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %appdata% and press enter.
  2. Find the AGS folder>New World.
  3. Delete everything inside the folder.

i am enter the game now. it seems fixed.
thx for support @Hunden .

No problem @Karadzul!

I am happy to know I was able to help you out!

Enjoy the game! Take care!

I did last solution but still freezes. So should i reinstall the game and also is there any clean method for reinstalling?

After a while it happened again. I’m starting reinstall the game:(

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Yeah there is a way.

Go to your steam library, look for New World and right click it, after that click on “Manage” and then click on “Uninstall”

After that just install it again normally.

I have same issue and it started today. Sometimes i can login but after a while it is crashing.

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I think its a general issue not about us.

Oke, thanks for now i will report as soon as reinstall and try…

I’ve been in the game for 10 minutes, no problems so far.
I deleted and reinstalled.

I didnt try to re-install game but i Upgraded my Windows 10 to 11 . For now game is working OK. Maybe some last updates from Windows efected the Game Badly.