Game is good 10/10

no complains here been playing it for months already


Same here

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Getting better each time, love the dedication and willingness the team is showing, can’t wait for the Roadmap items, very high hopes this game will develop into a game I will play for years to come! Thanks again Team :love_you_gesture:

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10/10? You must be on copium man.
Game is good but far far from perfect and 10/10 is perfect score.

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no complains? just because you like the game that doesnt mean you cant have any complain about it. Thats not healthy.
I agree its a good game, and I think it can be big in the future if the devs keep making good decisions but not having any complains about the game right now is just weird.

Personal experience I would say. For me also not 10/10 but I can imaging that this is different for everyone.

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+1 good game

Great game now! Still a way to go be 10/10, but if they continue in the direction they’ve been heading it will definetly get there :+1::clap:

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The game is extremely fun right now. There is so much to do. I am constantly making new builds and armor sets. Everytime I do this I must get more umbral shards to level up the gear. Right now I am making a medium GA/ Hammer build.

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Game is awesome but like everything, there is always room for improvement and fun additions.

@Drussix Glad to hear that you are enjoying the game and looking forward to the future of Aeternum. The team is working hard to make that happen!


Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying your time. Welcome back to the forums as well. What have you been up to in Aeternum?


The game is fairly good, but we need mounts. Running for hours has drained my will to even login.

And we need better house system with more utility added to furniture or decoration score.

Horse racing, diving for treasure, fishing for a backyard pond is what I would call fun. I can’t keep myself entertained farming chests/expeditions everyday, although sometimes I do spend hours in lvl66 elite landmarks exploring stuf.

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Yeah GAME is veryyyyyyyy GOOOOOOOOOOOOD :slight_smile:

IG freezes forever…

pls watch the videos till the end
this game is really good

Musket should never been in this game… this is so so bad…

I understand you enjoy the game, but you are not helping it doing this. The game is far from a 10/10. Give constructive feedback and help the game in a real way rather than overhype it.

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If you posted this comment to make the moderators react positively…
I give you a 10 / 10 ! :clap: :clap: :clap: :wink:

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