Game is not running on Dx12


According to Steam page the minimum requirement to play is DX12 so i bought the game.
However the game still running in DX11 which is not well supported by my graphics card (stuttering, fps drops, low gpu usage).
Dx12 would improve performance and core use.
Amazon promised it would be DX12. Where is it?


DX12 alone would not do these things. Optimizations to the game would.

Everyone gets these issues.

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It would as rtx series dont benefit from DX11 but 12 and the first one impacts performance on Rtx series. Low gpu usage most of the time even tho the cpu usage is 40-50 percent because only single core optimization. Nvidia already released multiple updates where rtx cards benefit from dx12 only.

Alternatively, New World is just overall badly optimized right now and general optimizations would help more than changing to DX12. As well as helping a larger number of users.

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Hey @mathieuderuyck how’s it going, I do hope you’re doing well.

I’m really sorry you’re experiencing stuttering and fps drops, we are definitely focused on giving our players a great overall experience, so we are working towards fixing any situation that affects the game play. On a similar thread I raised a case to check for the information regarding the Dx12.

I’ll add your case as well and as soon as I’ve an update I’ll let you all know. Remember we are working hard so you folks enjoy Aeternum at it’s best. Hey @JakeL you’re all over the place, cool! :laughing:

Once again appreciate the input of both, we thank our players for voicing this concerns so we can make sure to provide the best solution to any of the issues that may appear. Wish you both a nice day!



Any info WHEN dx12 will be added/supported?


hello amazon?

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Hey @mathieuderuyck I’m really sorry for the delay in regards the response on further information about when or if Dx12 is supported.

Unfortunately as of now I still haven’t receive a concrete answer and as of now I’m pushing and updating the case to let the team know we are awaiting for a resolution to this question. Once again I do apologize for the delay. Wish you a great week and hope to be back soon with updates.

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Hey folks I do hope you’re having a great time and once again, I do apologize for the duration of the response in regards this matter.

I’ll keep pushing and bugging until I receive the response the players are looking for so we can clear out the doubt around this matter. Today I updated the ticket and will keep doing it until necessary!

As well on the chance that I’m not available right away when the information is disclosed, make sure to keep an eye on the sections above, wish you all a nice day!

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Hi Legumi

Are you also able to ask which GPU drivers are promoted to run the game? Sept 2021 was the last information provided by AGS.


Hey @cattboy how’s it going?

Definitely I can ask if there’s any recent change, I can’t make any promises, but let me take a look! For the meantime you can refer to the requirements specification on the website:

Hopefully an update will come soon, wish you all a great time on Aeternum!

Thank you for sharing the requirements, this is also considered a requirement although missing from that System Requirements page you provided :slight_smile:

IThis post, Sept. 2021

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An optimization that would help improve performance is true full screen mode.

DX11 cannot take advantages of borderless window so you’re losing a ton of FPS and experiencing stuttering at all times.

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Hey @cattboy appreciate the extra information provided, hope this helps some folks over here on the forums!

I do hope you’re all doing amazing this day and @tsuki that’s actually a really good comment regarding this situation, remember folks with enough movement on the #game-feedback section of the forums, this kind of situations can be seen all around the community.

Any news on my question about DX12 ?

Hopefully it’s added soon. Considering they said it would be added “fairly quickly after launch”

Lawrence: We’ll definitely have DX12. It’s not necessary for our launch, but it’s something we think we’ll get done fairly quickly after launch.

Source: New World interview -- How Amazon Games brought an MMO (close) to the finish line | VentureBeat

It’s also something there’s literally dozens of threads on so…

Hey folks hope you’re all doing awesome this day! Unfortunately as of now I still have no update regarding this matter, yesterday I did take action and raised a new ticket so we can get information on this as soon as possible.

Do we already know when DX12 will be in the game and why it got removed? Is still mentioned in minimum requirements so thats a big lie to us ?

I am also very concerned that we still don’t have dx12 support.

I too was lead to believe we would have this “fairly quickly” after launch.

Isn’t it reasonable to expect fairly quickly to be under a year?

Yes… especially for a dead game