Game is so bad for returning players

Game are even more bad for retuning players

So I installed the game again. I wanna to check out the game, and oh my it’s still as bad as before
My gear is good back then now its total useless, but I was let the grind begin

So I was looking at all the new pvp peaks and other things and I was like yea! lets go!
but the game design is so bad

  1. "Pvp track : I been pvp ALOT over 5 hours per day over 12 days time and Open PvP - OPR and I am almost Gold in PvP track and I only get 1 item that I need rest is crap Random items are are a joke its mad useless for returning players no chance for them at all

  2. PvE : So I payed for a lot of shards to gear up and Ran a lot of M1-6 to gear up but it’s so hard to get a M5-6 group in M10 group so again returning players are left behind, Now my bow is 624 rest of the gear is 620 but I still need more shards when I get the right peaks

  3. Arena : is so bad it’s not even fun most pre made’s no chance for a returning players even lost ark get this right anyone can pvp in lost ark its skill base on the keyboard and not gear or even in wow

  4. Loot : the loot you get from Box’s from OPR are useless for returning players

-------------------------------------------------Other things---------------------------------------------------------

I have a PC for around 15.000 US dollars the top of the line made last year and the game still bad still NOT been fixed the game is so laggy when u die in OPR
and the game is still using a lot of Volt its mad on you PC

Even with 200 con and heavy armor and medium u get one shoted was the same for around 5 months ago, now muskets are just 2 tapping people.

The game is still bad as it was when I left
soon wow next exp is coming in 5 months time I don’t care if you are wow hater … I want content, in new world only one new dungeon and one weapon and arena that’s about it

I understand why they fire that boss at ASG it was about time.
I have played around 1300 hours in new world before my pause, It’s sad that the game are a mess

When I look at the servers only 2-5 servers who have a pop over around 1200 peak time a lot of servers are dead. and still U haven’t done anything yet about it
I had my hope up, but I ended up laugh over this Shitshow I now there is Die hard fans of the game but the game don’t even have 15 k players even after the “new content”

V rising the vampire game have over 28k players for a game that have hours of content and really fun and guess what its small group of dev’s like who made it as like valheim
and did not have the funding like ASG have. and they are way better games over all.

I give it ago 1-2 weeks more but soon D4 is coming and wow and other games,. then you have even longer ques for OPR and other things… It’s common sense

but if u keep playing new world good luck . :smiley:

But they really need to do something if they want having players returning
Any time people say new world around the world from twich to gaming forums they say ahh that game that died. or more like Dead world
So fix your game thank you


If it makes you feel any better, it’s pretty bad for the rest of us too.




If you think the game is dead and are so excited about those other games, then why are you here?


15.000 dollars pc and cannot even run NW? LOL
I came back to the game in april and imo the game is good. Need some fixes here and there, but it’s been good in general. You guys complains too much.


Fair points OP, but myself and my boyfriend started playing again two weeks ago and we’re hooked. I finally made it to level 60.

We’re not PvP-centric players though, so for me, this games first mistake was building the game around PvP instead of creating a good solid PvE foundation and then adding PvP to it. Game should’ve had more PvE focus from the get-go and the population would’ve remained higher.

The game is now (in my mind) niche because of the PvP-led functionality, but what’s done is done. Many PvE’ers would truly appreciate and get lost in the world of New World. It is a top notch experience for the senses. I love the combat, the sights, the sounds etc, but I’m supposed to be on an unofficial RP server yet I see no RP’ing going on… because there’s not yet enough PvE’ers around to add that life to the settlements… but that could change if AGS adds good features going forward.

I LOVE the musical instruments that are coming. As an old LotRO player, I salute AGS for taking the fun function of solo and group instrument playing, but then enhancing it by adding functionality. I think it’s great.

I just worry we don’t have enough of the type of PvE players to appreciate things like this. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

My issues at the moment is that House decorating is still clunky and awkward and slow, but perhaps fixes will come with time.

I’d love to see more content like the Invasions but not allow people to be removed by PvP leaders. AGS needs to understand a lot of PvE’ers don’t like to be at the mercy of PvP’ers.

Anyway, overall, I’m enjoying the game for the time being. I just hope AGS adds new lands, a transmog/barber system and more PvE content going forward. The game derserves to survive and thrive imo.


that is 15K not 15 dollars…

did you really think he meant 15 dollars? lol

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That’s what he said. It was a good laugh anyways

Game is better overall but pretty much still in bad shape. OPR is just a mess, I used to play the hell out of that then just two to get gypsum and now I can’t get myself motivated to play it at all. For every good match that is closely fought you have to go through 9 matches that are over before they start or you get dumped into a match that is almost over and you barely have time to get enough contribution so that you’re not wasting your time. Would love to see the score and timer of an offered match before you commit to it.

But I decided to try musket, got myself Infamy and upgraded it to 625 and got a few pieces of gear with the right wpn perks. I can tell you that I’m not 3-4 tapping almost anyone, forget 1-2. It’s certainly better then it has been in the past but you still get plenty of shots that just go right through targets. I’m pretty much just looking for someone that is already near dead and trying to finish him off. And as a light player with a musket you have to keep max distance as almost anyone who is a decently good player can LoS you or close the distance.

And the reason I tried that is b/c healing just sucks right now. It was never great (unless you liked to play a heavy healer which I didn’t) but it’s unplayable right now.

Um. A 15k computer is NICE.

What is funny the reason for my build is I am a graphic designer and I do work in programs that this much power … so I am laughing at you for even u had to make time to post

I dont know where u get this excited in my post … It most be something u make up in you own mind. I am here for I like playing new world… If i Hated it be playing other games think before u post? I dont like it why do u think i play it?`2+2?= 7 in your world?

I never sad I can run it I sad it the game have problems Try to reed… and stop making things up in you mind

Thank you
for coming up with a good post to my post and not some dumb answer thank you . I cant help the rest of the people here who posted have a brain of a pebut

But what i am saying is The game have problems the devs are not listen
and I am saying the same thing kind of as the other players on the forums . The problem is for players who are coming back or new players…

They dont have a chance with this RNG and this grind to even have a chance. If u run lets say old gear with res on you stil get owned so hard when u items are not 625 and do it takes so long even to get all you gear to 625 why?

U can only run M1-5/6 due to anyone only do M10 on my server so u been to be in luck to even get a M4 and if u are making a key for yourself and says it free u can sit for hours to get make a group … Last 2 of wanted to make a M6 we waiting 2 hours to get a tank and a healer and a dps anyone else are running M10 and do u want a 612 in a M10??

I think not so that’s why I saying what most others are saying as well what is there to do get up and play with people as returning players, I am posting here to say what its like for a retuning player

and for the small minded players on the forums keep not negative things for your self u just sad that u don’t have what I have in my PC. and I am not going to read you troll posts

They should have never removed closed beta PVP scaling.

There’s no reason to make people grind gear to compete in PVP. That shit should be exclusively for people who want to kill virtual monsters. I have no idea why PVP isn’t normalized.

If you want to retain the current scaling so that the elites can keep their territory, whatever, but all “casual” pvp modes (3v3, OPR, anything else you add) should all be equalized gearscores so you can just rock like 520 shit as long as it has the right perks. There’s literally no reason to make people grind thousands of hours to not feel like a potato in casual pvp.

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I have 2k pc and i lag the same

“i havent gotten BiS in 12 days WÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄH”

Its hard to M5-6 group in M10 what?

Then play lost ark and stop wasting peoples time on the forums. Nobody cares if YOU dont have fun in the arena while youre undergeared.


You did not laugh you did rage cause you love this game. This post shows all you need to know


Don’t laugh, I must have the same one. The “on” button is circled with rubies. It’s very nice!

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and there goes the round again. Why should a “newb” with a wood sword have a chance against a knight that has the best blacksmith in the region. “iAm MoRe SkIlLeD” so go play a equalized game and stop copy pasting the same dumb arguments again and again.

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15k is still more than excessive LOL.