Game is unplayable on our server

How is it possible to make a game with 3 factions, and not have any kind of cap to keep them at least A LITTLE equal. On my server we lost ALL our territory. Travel is about 150 for each time, and I cant do very much other than running all over the map. This it just AWFUL gameplay. I think i am going to sit this game out until this is resolved. Can only give this game a thumbs down on steam for such lack of foresight.
And dont respond saying get your army up and retake, because we got slaughtered in less than 5 minutes trying to save the last territory. This game is so unbalanced its sickening. Going back to playing Holdfast, which is so much more fun and is very balanced.

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There are real issues around this, yes. I believe it should be that no faction should ever end without territory, that every faction at all time must have one territory, which can not be thrown into pvp conflict while that faction holds only one. This way faction members could still have a feeling there is hope, and that they have a home, and somewhere they can run townboards, supporting their own faction.

I am all for going up against the odds, but you need to have at least a base somehow/somewhere. Once your faction is not represented on the map anymore, I imagine it begins to feel pointless. You either have to abandon faction or change server. I can’t imagine this has been at the core of the system. We will just eventually end with servers having only one faction, or 2, but 3rd faction gone.

A boost of some form to outnumbered factions might be an idea as well.


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