Game is unplayable since the last update

Since the last update my game is really buggy. In the city i’m playing at about 0.2 fps with a lot of freezes and outside i freeze for 2 second every 5 to 10 sec and the tree, rock and building are flickering
I’ve tried multiple thing :

  • First i’ve put the game low, no improvement
  • Then i’ve updated my graphics card driver
  • I’ve check the game integrity with steam
  • I’ve reinstal the game
    There were no improvement

Here is my configuration : I’m on a laptop
CPU : I5-7300hq
RAM : 16 Go
GPU : 1050 Ti 4 Go

Even tho this configuration is a bit old the game was running fine in medium before the update

maybe try the Nvidia drivers from June or earlier, I heard NW has some issues with newest Nvidia drivers.

Well the last driver from Nvidia was release on the 28 of june, and the game work fine until the update

Same laptop here, after summer patch have same problems look that:

Create ticket and we must w8 …

You could also try the “usual” fixes…
Check game file integrity in Steam:

Run a repair on the EAC service:




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Thanks glad to know that i’m not alone

Thanks, i’ve tried it but it hasn’t improve anything

It looks like you have the same problem.

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Last patch seems to introduced all kinds of instabilities; horrid spiking lag, lock outs, post OPR bugs even worse now you have to restart after ever OPR of you loose quick travel and most cases E key don’t work. Patch just broke more than it was supposed to fix.

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