Game locks up PC while launching

I’ve recently decided to get back into the game as I’m bored of everything else, but unfortunately since upgrading my CPU, the game locks up my entire PC with 100% CPU usage, which doesn’t make any sense to me.

I went from an Intel i7-8700k to an AMD Ryzen 9 5900x (32gb ram in both systems). I can’t get into the game at all as my PC just locks up forcing me to hard reboot.

Drivers, system etc are all up to date as well.

Any ideas or anyone else with this issue?

Hello @Wefyanagnewnew hope you’re doing great!

I’m really sorry you’re experiencing this problem with your CPU usage being 100%, this is definitely not the experience we want our players to have.

Have you tried the following steps on the link below?

Let me know if the issue persists.

Hope it’s helpful, have a nice day and see you on Aeternum!

None of those trouble shooting steps worked. I’ve even tried uninstalling and removing any residual files.
This is the only game that locks up my PC causing me to hard reboot. It’s actually the only piece of software that has caused this issue. I don’t get why it would need to use 100% cpu when launching…

I can’t play this game now like at all.

Hello there!

Sorry to hear your CPU acts like that!

We used to suggest players to cap fps and lower settings from ultra quality.
Have you tried using a software like afterburner to control and monitor the behavior and temperature of your rig?

Let us know so we can check how to help.

Have a great one!

I’d use it to monitor but I can’t even get passed the initlal splash screen before it locks up my pc…

do you have any errors in event viewer?

No errors. I believe it locks up before it’s able to write to the log.

it should still be able to write to the log though.
i assume you reinstalled windows since you upgraded your cpu so can you check if your windows is updated tto 21k2 please? i know you wrote it should all be up to date so just wantted to make sure.
if that is the case try verify your games files on steam client and see if that brings any update/error up.
at this point it is hard to say what can cause this but it could also be your gpu that mightt have a hardware issue since i know EVGA have had issue in the past with their 3000 series and i myself had an issue with asus 3070 but that was solved from asus with a new card and i havent had any trouble wih that yet.
for now i cant really give any ideas but will think overnight and give an update tomorrow but i hope this will ge resolved before that :sunglasses:

Hey @Wefyanagnewnew hope you’re doing fine!

Sorry for the delay but, can you confirm if this issue still persists?

Hope you’ve a nice day!

It’s look like i have a similar bug. In first, I’m sorry for my english. So, my game is blocked on the first loading screen with “New world” in the middle… I don’t have to reboot my PC because I can access to my Desk and turn off New World but each time I launch New World, I stay stuck on this first loading screen… I have already removed any residual files, checked Nvidia parameters, uninstalled/reinstalled the game and it still doesn’t work. Please, help me…

Hey @Yukko hope you’re doing great and welcome to the forums!

Don’t worry about that! Now, have you tried what @brainmanager proposed?

Try the following:

Let me know how it goes, hope it’s helpful and to see you soon on Aeternum!

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