Game Masters / Admins

Toxicity happens in any video game. Its hard to escape it on the internet, although server based games like New World have a history of having Game Masters / Admins that are there to watch the servers and make sure people are listening to the rules.

Im not asking for an admin that actively participates in the server, but what i am asking for is real people from the dev team to be watching what happens in the servers.

The majority of the player base losses I have seen through my two server merges and 3 servers is because of a few toxic players having too much power and ruining the game for entire factions. This is an easy solution. They are breaking a multitude of NW TOS and from my perspective has seen many of them 24 hour banned multiple times.

Please intervene. If you have a story of how a few toxic players or companies have destroyed your NW servers please leave a comment about it to show the devs how wide spread this issue is.

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