Game mechanics at odds

Running Mines one minute with friends, Myrk the next, then off to Reek to run Siren, then Pools and who knows, if folks are still into it, take on Laz. That’s New World today.

All high level runs. Each bringing new requirements. New gear. New builds. And a number of opportunities to break out that weapon or jewelry or whatever helps you and your team get over the next hurdle.

Trouble is, when you die, your gear, both worn and what’s in your bags, takes damage. Damage which can only be repaired with hard earned coin.

I know, I know - get guud. Or maybe you were going to say, ‘stow your gear before you take on high level activities or even PVP’.

Before we go there, let me pose the following:

Isn’t it the ‘variety of builds’ and the situational flexibility New World offers the point of this game? And if that’s true and if I store all my extra ‘gear’, am I not limiting my experience / fun / opportunities?

The death penalty and New World’s situational flexibility, are, in my opinion, at odds with each other.

Great games reward players for their ingenuity. New World, in the current state of the game, sadly does not.

Ok I get what you are saying but out of all that gear how much are you going to use vs how much will you salvage? In those runs I am pretty sure I salvage like 75% of that gear sell maybe 15 - 20 % and then the rest I would use which is maybe like 2-3 pieces.

There is the repair system + storage system in place so you cannot carry every weapon + armour sets to account for every situation. Otherwise the game would be too easy.

I don’t think they are at odds, I think the punishment could be higher but neither the player or AGS benefit from it.

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