Game needs more variterty

I like New World but i think its lacking in the varierty department i feel.

  • More animals – like i’m sick of seeing Turkeys and rabbits everywhere. There needs to increase the animal varierty by like x3
  • Character customisation needs more, height and build options. I don’t know if everything was kept the same due to hitboxes. More hairstyles, tattoo and options i feel are a must so characters don’t all look similar.
  • Horses, doesn’t have to be too drastic in terms of move speed, just need to break up everyone just on foot everywhere
  • Mini-games. Give me some Triple triad like game or Tavern games in town (i can see the queues already in one spot lol)
  • More weapons, like pistols, crossbows, siege bows, daggers, Maces, more magicial weapons, more Focus weapons etc
  • I would like structured 3v3 PVP arenas
  • Ability to hide Upcoming War message on the map
  • More chat channel filtering options

I really question having storage per town, per town trading post and no mini map. While i can see arguments supporting these 3 decisions (e.g having a per town economy or having the UI looking nice) i think the possitives for them outweigh the developers ‘vision’.

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