Game not starting properly from steam

So I just bought the game on steam but I can’t seem to get it work.

While in steam, if I hit the play button to start the game, the play button turns to a stop button as expected but that’s all that happens… the cursor gets the loading circle thing on it which suggests its trying to do something but nothing ever happens, and the stop button, once clicked, does not seem to work, it won’t go back to being a ‘play’ button. To get the game to actually stop I have to go to the task manager to get it to properly stop

Things that I have already tried…

Update GPU drivers Made sure windows is up to date Tried starting the game in window mode Turned on v-sync via nvidia control panel Turned off the nvidia experience overlay and the steam overlay Re-installed the game

Not sure where else to go with this, has anyone ran into this issue before or any thoughts on what I could try next?

My PC specs are

Intel i5 6600k 16GB Ram Nvidia GTX 1080

Hello @Raziel1 ,

Im sorry for the issue you have. Please try the following. Close and relaunch the Steam client. Then go to Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files in order to Verify Integrity of Game Files. Then wait for 15 minutes and try to go back to the game.

Thank you so much for your patience during this launch time.

Here is a thread that helped me solve this same problem. Launch through the steam library after going through those steps.

steam launch fix

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