Game Optimization

I feel like this game could really do with some better optimization, other than that and the servers, i am really loving the game so far but you really do need to sort the fps drops.


Optimization is really good, was playing on smooth 144fps 2k res when I was on.

What specs you got

must have a very good graphics card then

1660 r 3500x

I got a lenova laptop and i run everything on high perfectly

wonder what’s your specs then, must be some 50k pc, cuz even Lirik pc cant run this game at +60fps constant. Mine 2080ti, 3700x, 16gb 3400ddr4 on 1440p and high settings running in wild alone i easily get +100fps, but if there’s more than 5 ppl, maybe ill have 60fps depending on the area…

Nothing special, just a 1080TI and a i9-10900F (most basic i9 I could find).

I have RX 6900 XT Toxic Extreme and R5 3600X fps is very unstable. Atleast temperatures are 40-50celsius because of low gpu and cpu utilization…

1080 ti is a pretty good grpahics card lol