Game progressed and


I would just like to express my frustration at your development team

After quiting new world almost a year ago. I was exicted as fuck to come back with a fresh start where no dupe explots, gold inflation and new begining would be a thing.

Once i started okaying i felt that the changes refarding leveling and expertise grind are amazing. So much more friendlier to casuals.

Made lvl 60 in around 24h gameplat and q8 runs of genesis in a day i had my armors maxed out with expertise.

The brimstone experience for a returning player is very nice too. With all the farmable drops and all you can feel competitive with the rst of the crowd.

The latest war change to remove the shell companies. Fucking brilliant… we were discussing this since the begining of new world. Dunno why it took so long.

And just before the patch hit we were discussing with my company members how good the game is again, if the game was released in this state how kuch more players it wohld have kept.

2 days after tho yesterday… all this progress was demolished.

Another trading house explotation that will ruin the game… as always u say you catch duppers but lets be realistic. You catch maybe 5 percent of them, based from the previous servers since i knew a cpl of duppers and nothing was done to them .

So after all the 20 to 30 stepps forward that you progressed with the game… you destroyed it with the last patch and took 40 steps back.

My questions is the following. How the fuck does this still keep happening? Arent you stress testing it before release? Is the code on ptr different than in the main game?

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