Game quality improvement tips from a MMO veteran

Dear development team,

after putting in 360 hours into this game I’d like to adress a couple points which could improve the game in a huge way (for my opinion). First of all, please excuse me, if my post includes any mistakes, as im writing this post without using any google translater or a similar program, just to improve my english skills :slight_smile:


  • Please add a function to put items for sale sorted by my current character inventory. It’s always difficult to sort out the different items mixed with my storage and my character inventory.

  • Add a function to search by gear proc, i.e. by strengh or constitution. It’s very frustrating to search and find fitting items for my character and very time consuming.

  • We need a much faster way to put items for sale, currently we can put one item for sale, and the marketplace would put us back to the beginning where we have to scroll back down to go on.

  • Please add some kind of price borders for each item, like a max and a min price according to demand and item tier?. It would be really great to sell items according to their value and it would add so much variaty in life skilling. Low tier mats should not be more worth than high tier mats in general.


  • Please increase the azoth cap or at least reduce the traveling costs, as it’s really time consuming to walk between the cities or questing in general.

  • Please add up an option to turn my azoth into vial of suspended azoth to save up some azoth to use it when I need it.


  • It would be so nice to have a NPC where we can sell our drops for an acceptable price. That would be an additional source of income, as earning coins is not that easy in New World.


  • Could you please answer, why there’s no mob variety in New World? I mean, the same mob types are just copy pasted with a higher level. Could you please add additional mobs to this game to improve the PvE concept in general?

  • As every mob is almost copy pasted, movements and impacts are always the same. Why does every mob has a knock back? Sometimes it’s really very frustrating and I just hit Alt + F4 a couple times either because of body blocking or got chain knocked back by the monsters. It makes really no sense.

End game content

  • Are there any plans to add additional ways to farm rare items for i.e. trophy materials into New World? Walking around for hours and gathering chest should not be the only way and I would love to see drops also coming from mobs in the open world or from dungeons.

  • Please add some mods where we can adjust the perks of each item, as 95% of the drops do not have the desired perks, which ends in discarding those rare drops, where those mods could really add value into most of the item drops.

  • Please reduce the costs for repairing gear. Paying 200-300 coins for repairing my set a couple times a day is really expensive. Especially while running dungeons the first time. Please also just decrease durability of equiped items, and not from gear in the inventory.

That’s it for now. I really like this game and as a MMO veteran I think that the points mentioned above will get confirmed by a lot of people playing New World. I just want to see player counts rising instead of falling down. Honestly, this is my first forum post ever. I hope, that the points mentioned above will be noticed by the development team and included into the upcoming patches.

Best regards,



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