Game randomly freezes

having issue since medley update , game will just freeze , doesnt crash (well debatable) just stops still have game background sounds but everything else freezes . have to ctrl alt del to close game and reboot game ,

anyone had same and got an easy fix ?


No fix. Known issue.

Lots of people having this too since after the update. Me included

Ya same here, ever since Summer festival patch I’ve been freezing up periodically but comes back in a few seconds. Seems to be worse in town. I have a feeling things will be back to normal once Summer Festival ends if they don’t end up fixing it beforehand.

Luckily it hasn’t happened often, but seems to happen more when in town. I thought it was my own internet at first, but everything was running fine. I’m [kind of] glad to know that it is something others are experiencing too. At least I don’t have to keep trouble shooting.

@Luxendra @Aenwyn

You are not alone! This game ran silky smooth before medley update patch for me. Now suddenly and randomly there are freeze/lock-up moments. Sometimes for no reason at all I can not reproduce the freeze. I have tried a lot of different settings in-game for visuals/network to look for a fix but have not found any. We had an invasion recently, multiple players at the same exact time had disconnected or froze and had to re-log.


being in town opr and war are the worst part for me


These servers are cooked


same for me


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same problem

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I have the same-Barri. Today 2 times for OPR

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For my wife too. After the last update, the NW is freezing many times. The CPU is 100% every time.

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Bumpies for devs

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