Game really needs /reloadui

the amount of times I’ve been put in a long queue because of the ui breaking, queues are inevitable in a new mmo but a reloadui command is desperately needed.



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I completely agree.

I just had a bug where the UI kept auto zooming into my character (like when you visit a board). It became disorienting so much I had to ALT-F4, and I am now stuck in an hour queue.

I am enjoying my time in game, but there are a LOT of issues where the developers completely dropped the ball. I don’t understand how a basic /reloadui function was not implemented.

Yes!! Please add this.

My company mates suggested I travel to another area and this did fix the quest tracker once. But not the second time.

Also that “If you leave the area you won’t get any rewards” message stays permanently sometimes. /reloadui would be great!

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