Game Redesign (GS/LVLS)

So with the new event having us kill rabbits its made me go back to the starter locations. From there i’ve noticed just how pointless all these regions are, and it hit me.

Why doesnt AGS get rid of enemy lvls and make every enemy scale based off GS to a certain degree.

Each Zone should still have a minimum gs requirement but once ur above that gs the enemies begin to scale with you, along with the drops of the items. From how i see things AGS is making your GS relevant and not the players lvl. I dont see them going past player lvl 60, so I think the whole thing is a bit obsolete.

This will allow all content to be enjoyed when ur max gs, This doesnt however mean they have to adjust the drops to much.

AGS could simply have low gs items drop at 600 without making it legendary, it’s lazy on their part but IK there are plenty of good items that drop from low lvl mobs, and because of that, you can never get them at 600 gs.

I think AGS needs to decide if they want GS or lvls to be what is their focus. ATM it seems like GS but to a new player it simply felt like lvls. I Think deciding on one or the other is important. With how things are atm, GS seems to be what they’re focusing on. Making it a better option to be what scales all mobs/items.

would be super nice.

lots of legos that cannot drop at the right gear score only because of the enemy levels.

sure it screws with peoples sense of power and easy farm on some pigs but fuck em.

Personally i dont mind scaling when optional.

I hete implementations like swotor where your level appropriate everywhere.

Being able to go back and no be threatened by enemies that once slapped me around is something i enjoy. The last thing i want is evet single area to be challenging 100% time.

I hate games where when i go farm mats at high level im threatened by starter zone mobs.

just make it a flagging option?

its not like the pvp flag does anything anyway.

Id totally be okay with a flagging option.

It would need to drop top end versions of the loot when scaled up but if it did that and you could toggle in off and on it be okay.

Yeah i can see it being annoying for farmers. Perhaps AGS can implement a farmer mode as well as a PVP/PVE mode.

Basically nothing attacks you and you cant attack anything, but you can only harvest/mine, no looting chests or bags. (Hunting must be done in pve or pvp with this option, unless you have someone else kill it).

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