Game Refund (False Advertising)

Since there is no market/trade/economy now, that we have a lot of know bugs regarding outpost rush, wars, server transfer, weapons, perks, gems, and the gameplay is fundamentally broken, how can I request a money refund based on yours false advertising?
I just didn’t get what i paid for, so it’s fair to offer a refund to anyone affected by this disastrous game release.


Hello @faustoanonimo,

I’m sorry to hear you feel like this but all forms of wealth transfers were temporarily disabled because of a gold duplication exploit but it will come back once it gets investigated. Please be on top of this post for updates about this.

Regarding your refund inquiry I’m afraid is not possible, to find more information about this please read the Amazon Games Refund Policy.

Wish you nothing but the best.

LOL. That is the shortest policy I’ve seen in nearly 30 years of computer gaming.

So basically, AGS position is - hey if you’re stupid enough to buy it and own it at release date, you’re f***ed buddy. Sure the game deletes houses, removes items, causes you to not get gold for selling on the trading post, and none of these can be restored because they didn’t even PUT IN A RESTORE in a game released in 2021… but they also put out a game so riddled with bugs that simple server transfers don’t work and on day 1 people had dozens of ours of log in time.

Then there are the PVP exploits, that allowed companies to seize cites that they will never lose because by the time these exploits were ‘fixed’ it had been 3 weeks and their treasury and city defenses were unbeatable, and on top of this 100% LITERAL FALSE ADVERTISING that AGS themselves admitted was a BUG (tax rates on houses/purchase price/etc)…

But not, fu** you. You bought it, your fault is AGS’s policy. Very short written policy.
Verbatim: “After release, all games developed and/or published by Amazon Games and purchased from Amazon are non-returnable and non-refundable at this time. This includes digital items purchased or unlocked through in-game stores.”

Sniff…sniff…what’s that I smell? OOH looming class action :slight_smile: But Amazon don’t care. They could pay out billions and not even blink. If you expect them to refund or do anything to help a single player, you’re deluding yourself.


It would be interesting to see how this policy holds up in the UK. No company policy, no matter how short, overrides UK consumer law. If the supplied product / service is not fit for purpose - as NW can be argued to be [not fit] due to all the known problems - then refunds are indeed required. Yes AGS is American but they are selling regionally and regional laws apply.

Of course I’m not a lawyer - so what do I know?

Edit for clarity: I’m not looking for a refund on any of the copies of the game I bought.


I doubt you’ll ever see any money from them. But, at the same time, if they actually attempt to make any new games, I’ll never buy one again.


What about laws that dictate false advertising, AGS will respect that.

I didn’t see AGS advertise all the bad stuff.
… you’re very wrong into thinking your copy paste answer does more than angry us.

You must be new to MMOs if you think disabling a feature temporarily to fix bugs is a big deal. I guess when they take the servers down for maintenance you will be writing your local politician about the grave injustice since you can’t play the game when the server is down.


Do you not realize with EVERY MMO the ToS (which no one reads) basically says the game belongs to the company, and they can do whatever they please with the game and deny you access at anytime if they so choose. You agreed to that. You aren’t getting a refund, no one is.

my dude, stop trolling with these questions it’s not false advertising
game has some cheaters and they took down some features so the game wont be ruined by exploiters
they’re working on some fixes and im sure theyre able to fix it

just be honest and say it… youre probably banned for dupeing something and now you want your money back xd


I would love a refund if they offered them. But for all the troubles I had in the first few weeks (I quite before finishing my 3rd and I HOPE they really will fix things), I’d take one if they offered.

That said, I feel with 176 hours played, I got my moneys worth. I will rip ASG a new one for their horrible handling of this and product quality but my god it’s still one of the most unique and original ways to do an MMO class and crafting/gathering.

Another crybaby thread. its funny how ppl always have to make the problems worse than they actually are - which makes no sense, since everyone knows the scope of it.

If ur unhappy with the current state, then go do something else for a week or two then come back to the game

Don’t be discouraged… I got my refund from amazon within 2 hours of talking to them on the phone. I have 200 hours played in the game in 14 days. They have to offer you a refund… It’s a broken product. As a consumer within US u are protected by e-commerce laws. They cannot say they will not offer you a refund because that in itself violates your consumer protection rights. Trust me. I wish a lawyer would look into this. I’m not one, but to me it’s common sense.

If they refuse to give you a refund open up a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, report them to the Better Business Bureau, or hit up your state’s Attorney Generals’s office. Kids today getting shafted by these big tech companies… Not me.

In my opinion there should be a Class action litigation against AGS. I wish someone should seriously look into this and make the people who purchased this garbo Whole


Then you are losing me as a customer in the future. If your legacy wants to be selling a broken game, and not refunding that’s on you guys. Just don’t expect the short term profits to sit well with the long term reputation your company is going to garner in the gaming community.

I mean, people expect 100% clean product now days, and I can’t understand how they can allways get disappointed when 90% of games that get released now are bugged first couple of weeks/months. Even with all those terrible bugs, loosing tons of gold that i didn’t get when offline from the trading post and all that, There are still plenty of things i’ve enjoyed in this game but all those guys crying are just focused on the negative side, watching those negative couple of streamers and trying to min/max the game to death but because AGS is trying at some level to fix the state of the game (even tho it probably could be handled differently) people loose all their tearbank and demand compensation (on a game with no subscription lol) and refund (on a game they prob spent 100h+ on).

Meh I bought it through steam and just finished my chargeback through my bank because steam won’t refund It. I got my money back.
I’ll never buy another game at release ever again
I’ll never buy through steam ever again
And I definitely won’t be buying any Amazon games.
In fact in six months when prime runs out I won’t reup that either.
I’m done

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