Game says Hellheim gets merged but can't find it anywhere

The game says Hellheim will merge with other servers in 2 days, but I can’t find it on any list. Am I blind? This message doesn’t show up everywhere. I have a second char on Valhalla and there is no message.

Hellheim is listed on their servers for EU central here:

Why it doesn’t show up on your ingame server list is a good question.

While a lot of other servers appear to be down right now (11.35 am EST USA) it still shows itself as up and running.

Since there appears to be no other info except in the Official News forum:

I have to ask is your home server / original server down as well?

Ah I see what the problem was. Hellheim wasn’t on the first post but now the edit the post and added Hellheim. I read it so many times yesterday and couldn’t find it lol

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