Game screen freezes

Hey adventures,

Thank you so much for the reports and thank you for trying the steps available. I’m sorry to hear you are still experiencing this.

I’ve escalated this issue with all the information provided for further research into this that is affecting different players. As soon as we have more information we’ll be updating you.

Thank you. Have a good one.


For now, VPN worked. but ı play with really high ping because of vpn. The dev team must be fix this fast as possible, thank you for your interest @Firus

Thanks for your attention. W8ing for more

not for me. try to put the country of you in the vpn. i get the same ping when i use vpn

hello, i am having same issue whenever i open game even on intro it got freezes after that when i join in game after 30 second i got freeze if i wait long enough it gives me a error that says ‘‘Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected’’ it started after this so call ‘‘rollback’’ i was fine yesterday and i try these solution didn’t help

VPN is really working. Until the problem is solved, we can use VPN

which one ?


Why should I buy a VPN to be able to play a purchased game?

They fixed something and there are no lugs or freezes anymore

still same for me game doesn’t respond it comes and goes

My game still freezing. I was using vpn for free since yesterday, but when i try to close it the game is instantly kicking me

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