Game starts Not responding in the middle of the game or even on character selection screen


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Game starts Not responding is middle of the ingame.

it is a bug. I’m experiencing such crash only today.


  1. in game character login screen loading to long (15 sec) with disabled button play
  2. when I finally ingame open any interface - skills or quests or trade (anything with loading)
  3. game starts not responding

screenshot attached


same problem here

and when you try to relogin character screen is missing(already test internet conaction)
Wood Perilus server…
i guess its a new problem…

AND NOW GAME JUST CRASHES in the middle if fight

same for me and other guild mates

Well i see no progress in this game… Bugs like a trillion… Bots like a million… Downtime like 2-3 time a week to fix staff and break more staff… but ye lets try to donate some tokens so players don t leave this game…
We DON T need tokens …
We need a decent working game…

Agree. Quality of QAs work is very bad.
this is Managers which as usually are pushing raw not working updates to production. because it is stakeholders money, money

in my experience QA catches everything, it just doesn’t get fixed.

843 hour in game… Pls let me into you dev team as a counselor. I don t even want to get paid…

ah yea all game dev teams are sleeping now) so this crash will one more day

I’he got the same problem
File restore via Steam solved this problem, hope it will help you

Checking these steps now Game keeps crashing? Try any of these steps!

But they are not helping

Same problem here. I choose option “wait untill game start responding” and it unfreez game but same problem occured after 2 mins.

Update: after file repairing the problem returned after 10 min :tired_face:

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Checked and these does Not help:
steam > new world > local files
windows 10 updates

crash even on character list refreshing

Got new error. corrupted game after patch

same for me, already sent log files to support. Character loading is 2-5mins for me

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I am affected by all types of errors here today. Appearently my character was wherever i left it before rollback. It didn’t seem to get affected by rollback or anything. It should have been in different place or at least some items would have changed. I hope we can get at least a feedback about this.

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meanwhile internet triple checked now that is ok …

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