Game still crashes... still can't play the game

I write this coz I notice that there are less people writing of server crashes and lag issues than before…
Unfortunately I still cannot play the game because it crashes shortly after I login, every single time. It isn’t as bad as it were the yesterday and since they added more servers there is a noticeable improvement but it still isn’t seeming to be good enough. It now crashes about 1-2 minutes after I login as compared to yesterday when I would login and it would crash within 1-2 seconds if I could login at all. So it is at least an improvement. But nevertheless I still cannot at all play the game and have been waiting for two days to have a decent shot at the game. I was really looking forwards to playing this game during the beta but I am sadly disappointed without having had a decent shot at the game.

Does anybody else find that they have these same issues as me with the game crashing only seconds or minutes after logging into the game… every single time they login?

Hello @Pegasus, Welcome to New World Test Forums.

I’m sorry to hear that you both are running into issues with the game client crashing!

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to run an Integrity check on the game files: Verify Integrity of Game Files - Steam Support .

Aside from this, be sure to double check for any recent Windows Updates and confirm that you’re using the most recent GPU drivers available.

If that doesn’t help or you’ve already given that a try, please reply back with the following information:

Windows OS Version and Build Number:
GPU Model:
Driver Version:

Did this crashing issue start with the most recent patch?
Are there specific town NPC’s that this happens with, or with all and in any location (including the faction mission board crashes)?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi jefrij
Firstly, I just verified the integrity of the Steam game files and it was successful without detecting any problems with the files. I then tried logging into the game and the following screen appeared as happens very often:

  • My Windows Updates are up to date
  • I am using the most recent GPU driver

As you requested:

  • Windows 10 (Build No. 19043.1110)
  • GPU Model is GeForce RTX 2070 8GB
  • GPU Driver Version is 471.41 by NVidia
  • CPU is Intel Core i7 9700K
  • 32 GB RAM


  • This crashing issue did not start with the last patch, it has been a persistent problem for the past 36 hours or so.
  • There is no specific town NPCs or other locations that this issue occurs with… it simply occurs every time I login shortly after logging in upon which it just crashes seconds or minutes later.

I too would like to add that since Amazon Games added more servers to the AP region, straight away the issue was lessened and I went from having only seconds of game time to a couple of minutes of game time before it crashed. But since this time it has progressively become worse again and again it is back to me only having seconds of game play before it crashes rather than minutes.

So I wonder if it could be an issue with the servers whether there might not be enough servers etc.

In another post a dev suggested to cap the FPS at 60 and do disable overrides in the driver settings… I did this… it didn’t work.

But then I restored all settings to default and then I capped my FPS at 60, overrides were already disabled in driver settings, changed my monitor’s resolution to 60 FPS same as the game…

Then… this worked… no more crashes… thank you to the devs who solved this problem.

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This worked for me too, thank you !