Game stuttering - Almost unplayable


Sorry to everyone who tried to contact me but I stopped playing months ago (partly because of this issue) and I just recently came back to check the new desert patch.
I found out my game was acting the same way as it was before (stutters all the time). After I tried EVERYTHING I could find, including things suggested by people in this forum (most of which were really not helpful at all), I followed all the steps in the VIDEO below. Now, most of the thing in the video were not new to me, but I still re-checked everything and did all the suggested settings UP TO the bios part (because i had already XMP enabled). PLUS I also muted other’s people instruments in the Audio settings (for some reasons I felt like the game was freezing more when lot of people were playing music around me).
Now (after few days of test) I can finally and happily say MY ISSUE IS GONE (I still get some random stutters sometimes but it’s nothing like before).

So, in conclusion, my steps to fix the problem:

  • follow all the video’s instructions, up to the High Precision Event Timer disable procedure (if you have some issues with this you can easily re-enabled it)
  • ignore the BIOS part and the overclock part
  • mute other player’s musical instrument (you can try without this step first and see how it goes)

This is the video:

I don’t know how long I’ll stay this time, but for the moment GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, and let me know if this was helpful.

Wait until these server merges start. It’ll get even worse.

Its stuttering for everyone, no matter what pc and specs …

I solved my issue, check my previous post.

Any fixes yet? I downloaded the newest nvidia drivers for cod fix and omg it’s even worst than what it was, which was horrible. Why hasn’t this game put out fixes for stutter and fps yet? It’s like they lost the main coding guy and just trying to hang onto something… Fix this already.

Try this!

I can’t believe they still haven’t fixed this crappy issue since the sickening summer update. Who do you work with at AGS? really lousy company

Did you try what I posted?

Hey! I remember this post! :slight_smile:

Same here, also stutters after alt tabbing in the game now

I tried everything, it didn’t work
it doesn’t matter anymore. I deleted the character
I can’t stand such a stupid company anymore

Sorry to hear that.
Following those steps really did it for me, though I don’t actually know what exactly did the trick.

it didn’t work. :(((
The problem is in the game, AGS needs to fix this problem

I tried all settings, nothing helped.
My friend has the same problem, those stutters make the game unplayable.

Our systems can run new games with no problems, high settings and FPS.
Constant low ping, clearly a game issue that needs to be fixed.

We need a full guide on what you did to get 100+ fps in oprs ty

My RTX settings… Currently on drivers v526.86
(Theres a slight desync/delay on melee with this driver, but performance is too good compared to older versions)
** Gsync is off because in war (FPS dips low) it adds really bad input lag
** Low Latency mode isoff because game doesn’t support it and under heavy CPU load (this game) it doesn’t work properly

My last changes to fix stuttering;
** I’m experimenting with Shader Cache = Auto again, instead of set to 10GB

My min-maxxed PCpartpicker, lists AMD CPU overclocking/ram/etc configs used **Need to update, ram is at 3766mhzC14 now


Any chance we can figure if updating Nvidia drivers actually reduces FPS? That could also be a thing.

As I said in my update, I fixed my issue. Even if I don’t know what exactly did the trick, I went with the drivers suggested by the devs, in this case the version 516.94, and I would suggest anyone with the issue to stick with those.

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Happy its fixed for you

Are you able to share screenshots of your global settings in the Nvidia control panel? Like what I shared 2 posts above :point_up:. Thanks :+1:

Sure, hope it helps.

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