Game suddenly will not load

No changes to PC. All drivers up to date. All security checks up to date. No registry errors. Steam files check fine. No luck with reinstall. No error reports. Game just will not load past the new world launch logo.

Tried deleting roaming files, shaders, several reinstalls, every pc hardware check. Game just will not load.

I have the same but on PTR, i just downloaded it and wanted to check out new things, but im stuck on this screen.

I have done some extensive search but the only “fix” I have found is a complete reinstall of windows which is not an option

Who would expect something insignificant such as not working client, right ?

I would say it is time to say “good bye”.


Having the issue for live and PTR it seems

Normal Client work, for me its just PTR. Why? Idk xD

I had this exact same issue, it eventually just started loading again after about a day. Id recommend just letting it run in the background until it fixes its kinks out maybe? Thats what I did after about a day of it not working.

Just removed my graphic cards drivers and reinstalled. seems to work now. wild

I Updated my graphic cards drivers and it worked too.

I have the same problem.

Funny thing is, checked the whole computer and software, it is not running on the installed windows account. when i create a new windows account, i can start New World without any problems. Have deleted the New World folder in appdata also.

I don’t understand why, but drivers are not the problem for me. Solution right now is, creating a second windows account and continue playing NW from there.

Any ideas where the link is between NW and my Windows account?

different to mine, maybe do a scan on the registry with a fixer.

Initially checked for errors, did a registry clean, checked for updates, reinstalled then found out I had to uninstall then redownload graphics drivers.

Hello and thank you @Revan619, @Crutex

Thanks for the reports and fixes. As they did it, a troubleshoot its the best option to fix issues on the game.

Here are some steps you can try as well. Please try going step by step as follows.

  • Check for pending BIOS updates.
  • Verify that the drivers are correct and up to date: New World Compatible GPU Driver Update - Support
  • Run a file check: Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files
  • Check the EAC: Locate the game directory, and then select the “EasyAntiCheat” subfolder. Click EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe to run the installer as an administrator, fix it if necessary.
    Note: The Steam Games installation directory will generally be in: C:\Program Files\ Steam (x86)\ SteamApps\ Common
  • Avoid using VPN, and you should remove other programs such as bots to mine or fish or to avoid being AFK. (if installed for any reason) Even overlays to get unofficial maps for the game.
  • Check out New World System Requirements - Support | Amazon Games it is very important that you are using Windows 10, because for 11, New World is not yet optimized.
  • You can lower the resolution to High in the settings.
  • If running Discord, run Discord As Administrator as well.
    After all steps above:
  • Shut down the computer completely. Turn it on, then run the Steam client as administrator, Discord as Administrator and try the game again.

Thank you.