Game system unclear: housing score

Undocumented feature with zero way to find out in game how scoring works, or i’m an idiot. From what I could tell it’s based on items placed? I’ve read maybe territory standing is a factor.

Why would one drop from 22k to 8k over night? What did I do, or not do to make this occur. Over the weekend Ptolemais fast forward 30 days, did this have anything to do with it.

Please help me understand. I am discouraged from the housing gameplay because unknown events are happening. Thank you.

Edit: reworded now that i’ve had coffee

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There is a tooltip that will tell you that it’s based on furniture and territory standing. At work right now but there’s a yellow ? that you can hover over somewhere in the housing page. Doesn’t break down exactly how it works though.

Essentially the system is designed to try to show houses of players active in the settlement, but whose houses aren’t just empty.

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