Game uninstalled itself

Good morning/evening fellow adventurers. Has anyone else had the game randomly uninstall itself on steam? Woke up this morning, pc needed to restart. Went into steam and it’s now telling me game needs to be installed again? I’m wondering if it’s a steam issue or my pc issue.
Hope you’re all doing well, have a good day.

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One time when I clicked play it said the game needed to install, but after clicking next it just started the game no problem.

It happen to other games steam for me, mostly likely just some corrupted files, do the install process to the same location and should find game still there and wont have download all again.

also Verify Integrity of Game Files before playing:

Thanks for the reply guys. It seems like it was a steam issue, it did an ‘install’ but lasted twenty minutes and came good. Almost as if it lost where the game files were or something?

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