Game Unnecessarily Infuriatingly Difficult

Where to begin? I don’t want to go into too much unnecessary verbiage, so I’ll try to be brief.

  1. This game is over tuned. It’s can be entirely too difficult to do quests at level for many reasons. Mostly because NPCs are too difficult because of density and respawn times.
  2. Appropriate gear for level is hard to come by for every spec with such a huge random luck of the draw on drops and quest rewards. It’s easy to outlevel gear to keep up.
  3. Respawn timers of 60 seconds with high population density of NPCs are ridiculous. It forces grouping and discourages solo play. Spawn times should be 3 to 5 minute intervals, at least.
  4. Getting groups is infuriating. Very few people want to group. Everyone has already done most of the quests. You can only get groups for PvP over PvE content. There’s no group UI to make it easier.
  5. Not enough quests for level, or solo quests are hidden behind group only quests. It makes content gating, requiring groups. See complaint above. And no, I don’t want to have to be forced to do daily quests, sometimes which don’t exist except for crafting.
  6. Do QA actually test this game with regular game play instead of artificially boosting characters and equipping with the best gear? Doubtful. I’m finding far too many gaps and bugs that indicate no actual “real player experience” testing was done.
  7. Artificial caps on Azoth for travel and rep gear is utter nonsense. Either I have too much Azoth or not enough. It’s not fun, it just pisses people off. Particularly when you suddenly hit a quest chain that makes you jump to all the furthest reaches on the map. Suddenly you go from too much Azoth to almost none and you can only get it mostly from questing. So when you are out of quests, you are out of luck.
  8. Fix your lighting and particle engine. Seriously. The memory management of this game is horrible. I’ve made so many posts about it.
  9. Combat is clunky. NPCs using dodge and potions is ridiculous. The server/client sync makes it impossible to hit some NPCs while they go through this. Combat commands are first in, first out. Some buttons and abilities should have priority over others. I’ve posted about this.
  10. Mechanics in this game are kind of ridiculous in combat. All of the above just makes me want to throw the computer out the window. It’s not fun. I get that it should be challenging, but not like this. It’s like you actively don’t want me to play. Yea, I get that it’s an MMO and you want grouping, but sometimes all you can do is solo. It’s not really solo friendly. No one wants to group.
  11. The quests don’t have any real thought put into them. The “go fetch” and “go kill” is repetitive and tiresome, especially when you add entire quest chains to just run across the map back and forth. They are obvious time sinks and not any actual thought out mechanic that’s interesting and has me invested. It’s lazy writing.

Regarding mob difficulty I found it okay to easy, BUT the bosses have a tendency to be overtuned. You get random abilities and some abilities, especially in combination with hard abilities, and push a boss into a too-hard randomization.

Same issue in Remnant where they have the same random-affix-on-boss system.

And it’s made worse when the local area has high mob density so you don’t have anywhere to move without pulling in more mobs.

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Can’t agree more, especially on the matter of combat.

Sounds like many people are going around in circles with the combat issues, I wrote about it here too: [IMPORTANT] Animations blocking user input is a terrible thing

Wouldn’t it be nice if they even responded to let us know they are aware of this issue which so many people are struggling to put up with?

I stopped reading your wall of complaints when these three directly contradicted each other.

I’ve been solo almost exclusively. Work on getting faction armor. I’ve had my level 40 faction equipment in my inventory since level 32, waiting on me to level.

So basically you didn’t really read it, you just glazed over it so you could tell me how wrong I am.

You get azoth from farming portal, but you’re right. Azoth cap is a sick joke at this point. Here’s my experience:

  • I want to craft some tools, i get 1k azoth after 2 hours running a marathon around the map, where most portals vanish before you reach them. Teleporting to a settlement that actually has the require stations while carying all my 1000kg materials leaves me with 700 azoth. I press craft and poof, i have 6 azoth left. I get stuck in that city and I have to “run” to the nearest zone that has Corruption portals so i can get 20 azoth, not even enough to reset your house teleport cd. is this a joke? Shortly after, my friends need help in The Cleave and I search the trading post to buy some suspended azoth potions for 500gold a piece only to recharge 60 azoth, while the Cleave teleport costs 300. It’s like I can hear the devs laughing.


  • make the azoth cap 5000. Don’t hold back. This is critical.
  • make azoth yield scale with difficulty. Seeing lvl 45 portals give 20 azoth, hurts my eyes.

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