Game Unplayable due to no Server Token Purchase Option

Please make this option as fast as possible. I cannot enjoy the game due to the server I transferred initially being almost empty.

I cannot play Outpost due to lack of people, I cannot sell stuff at the trading post due to not enough interested people in buying, and I cannot find groups interested in farming corrupted portals.

I cannot do any of the mentioned in-game activity that generates gold in order to maintain my expenses such as repairs, crafting, and housing. I will be out of gold soon and despite farming T1 materials just to sell, I make a sale only within a few days if I’m lucky.

Because of the few people on the server I am, the settlements CANNOT HOLD a T5 station due to the LACK OF PEOPLE doing any trade or crafting activity. I can’t craft the best gear because of this.

There are barely any wars going on, most of the invasions are lost due to a low number of 50+ players. What else can I add?

A lot of content is out of reach for me due to low people on the server. A simple solution would be to provide the ability to purchase a server transfer token. Please make this option available as fast as possible because it doesn’t allow users to play the game at its full capacity.

The only reason I am still playing is due to me wanting to have my crafting skills leveled up. However, due to taxes, being low, and low chances of making money I will be forced soon to end this activity as well, putting me in a corner and wondering why I should play New World.

I used my free transfer token and now I’m stuck on this server. My only solution is to make a new character on a new server but that is out of the question, especially after I have invested so much in the initial character. I am begging for the ability to buy a transfer token, not for a free one. I bet a lot of people are in my situation and are willing to pay for this future in order to enjoy the game. It’s more money $$$ for you. Please let me enjoy the game.


So this issue is still going on. I have stopped playing this game because there are barely any players online and everything is downgraded. I literally cannot play the game’s content. You have been kept saying that server merges will happen. Nothing happened.

Furthermore, I see no updates regarding the server transfer service. I am willing to pay for it. Why not make it available? Or why don’t just start with server transfer?

You just don’t care? This is the impression I get. I was so hyped for the game when it launched and was eager to make it my home MMO but after a few months, all I see is another Blizzard that is screwing their MMO, not listening at all to its players and just doing what they want.

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Pretty sure this is in about 10 hours but I might be wrong.

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