Game wants me to grind instead of PVP

For ur understanding Im one of the players who was logging to WoW just to play some arena battles during evenings no dungeons at all(way to long for me)

So, 33lvl always pvp ON, - during long runs through the world/quests some random dudes with pvpOn were met, in result, - bored(of all that chopping th trees around), so just stayed out of the city entrance to catch some guys for duel or with pvvp on mode
1stly, - in attempts to catch a passing by player for a duel invite feels almost impossible, moving target cant give u a possibility to press H and then find a button in a showed up menu “duel player” because target is moving and u loose it all the time, - it would be way more better to have 1 button duel invite

2ndly, - after spending several minutes at last some groups of 2-3 peoples appeared with pvp on mode we had some fun, but… after like 5-6 or up to 10 deaths(didnt count, - wasnt expecting) my armor was all read and I had only 100 or smth repair parts(while my azoth was full it is capped sooooo easily while repair parts NOT), I couldnt reapair myself at once and go back to fighting, - instead I HAD TO go back chopping trees, killing boring mobs and guess… it took way way longer than even an hour to replace/repair my armor so I could do pvp again, even more I would say I began to afraid going for pvp while Im lvling cause it will broke my armor and its so painful to gather all that repair parts back!!!

Why just not to remove breaking armor after death in pvp?

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I agree theres only drawbacks to pvp currently its a terrible system

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