Game won't launch after void update

Game worked just fine until the update that occurred this morning. Now it won’t launch. Just stays on the black screen where it just says New World. I’ve restarted my computer, same thing. I checked to make sure no Win Updates and removed roaming appdata then restarted, same thing. Unsure what else to try.

Now I’ve tried uninstalling it but get an error while trying to uninstall. A little frustrating.

Same issue here

Hello @itsbeanzy @FreakingXGoma
What error message are you receiving when you try to uninstall?
Did you already verify your game files?
To learn how to verify your game files, go to Steam Support.

Verified game files and it said it received 1 file. I launched game and I thought I was having the same issue but I waited about 5 minutes and the game eventually loaded through. I have restarted the game a couple of times to test it and It seems to be booting up normally now