<GAMEBREAKING> Cant login due to starting zone queue

As a level 15 i got placed in the new player starting area gueue. But this queue is currently broken. After 8 hours im still not able to log in! Put me back in the normal queue so i can play again, im fine with being placed at spot 2700 but let me play.

Name: Sir.Fapallot
World : hellheim EU central.

same with me. : Warteschlange bug?

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They really need to fix this, my server is at character creation cap i think so its impossible to get in i think. This is infuriating

the long queue is anoying but so its unplayable.

Edit: Trying to contact new world support maybe its a known issue and they can reset anything

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I dont mind waiting 2 hours as long as i know it will be my turn eventually. Now they just blocking us out!

i fear there are not many people with this problem and we cant play for a while

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wait i got rank 20 maybe because of our high level we get low priority for log in zone

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I think the only possible way to get in is to try while there is no que at all. Amazon doesnt seem to be interested with its players already…

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