GateKeeping Invasion Using Discord needs to end

I know this discussion has come up a lot but the one thing I don’t see being brought up in other threads that is a HUGE problem on my server and in my faction is that they require you to use discord in order to be allowed in the Invasion/wars. Level, pvp experience, your capability to read chat all goes out the window if you do not join a Discord. They openly tell you in war chat that if you do not have Discord. That you will be kicked from the invasion. This is 100% gatekeeping and its effect also falls inline with griefing because your sabotaging a player from playing or enjoying content. which is against TOS.

This type of Elitism attitude needs to stop. It’s ruining the games atmosphere and anyone who paid for the game should be allowed to experience all the content it provides without being held hostage by companies who require a third part program outside the mechanics and design of the game.

Don’t get me wrong I understand how useful discord is in wars, invasion and other types of content. Of course it’s Useful and makes things easier but that doesn’t give any of the player base the right to stop people who paid that same amount of money to play the game as them from doing content They also paid for. It doesn’t matter if those people are casuals, not experienced in wars or invasions. The fact of the matter is they paid for it just like you did. the same amount! if not more if you only got the standard edition.

There is a reason why you are only allowed to pick 10 people tops for invasions. The mechanic of being able to kick people out of invasions after the 10 are selected is NOT intended. This again makes it Gatekeeping/Griefing


For wars, if you don’t like discord, form a company of players who don’t like using discord as well, and push territories. Be in control and you can build the army how you’d like. It’s your money and time going into the zone push in the end.

As for invasions, there’s two sides to the issue.
There are players actively trying to win invasions right now because they are extremely difficult. Those companies put 1000’s of their own gold into those territories for other players to utilize. They don’t want their territory to downgrade so they require discord use.

There’s no gate keeping. If you’d like to do things without discord then build a community or company of players that plays similar to you. Then you can control how you’d like your wars and invasions to go.


gtfo no one want a peasant in war, not even capable of using communication tool


There can be quite a bit at stake for invasions and it’s easy enough to look at gatekeeping negatively when you’re not a stakeholder and not willing to recover the losses. There’s always going to be a strong tendency for gatekeeping in mmo operations when the loss is significant.

It can cost 10k gold or more per town upgrade… I think.

NW Invasions also don’t leave much of a margin for error. Another thing is that able to hop into discord voice is such a insignificant inconvenience as the in-game comm’s aren’t reliable at the moment.

If you didn’t want to be involved in voice comm’s at all, you could try to look for invasions in territories where the owners don’t care if they lose.

Sorry but when it comes to wars I disagree. The company that owns the town should have 100% control of the people who are defending.


This content is not being held from you in any way. You have the same option to start a company, recruit, take a territory, and participate in invasions/wars the way you want to participate in them.


communication is crucial, you do not have to speak but you have to hear. I support kicking people who cannot get the communication and typing in a war is standing around dying tbh


Learn to pronounce
the activity of controlling, and usually limiting, general access to something.
“Wal-Mart’s cultural gatekeeping has served to narrow the mainstream for entertainment offerings”
a function or system that controls access or operations to files, computers, networks, or the like.
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By requiring players to use a third party program outside the games design and mechanics it is 100% gatekeeping. New world has a groupchat, yes it doesn’t work all the time so instead of demanding people to use discord and gatekeeping content from them, Get on Amazons case to fix their implemented systems for communications. Wars I can understand because of the cost and what not. Invasions happen no matter what the player does so that arguement doesn’t stand. All the zones could be free of owners, Invasion will still happen. Again there is no two sides to the invasions becasue the INTENDED use of the 10 picked players is in place. It’s just broken because you can still kick people after that 10 picked. So what happens once amazon fixes that 10 picked? your all just gonna go cry?

I really don’t understand the problem. It’s a free program that pretty much everyone uses. You don’t even have to be able to talk, just listen. Coordination in wars and invasion is a must, especially with the amount of effort put into terrorties. And, in all reality, you need all 50 people on the same page most of the time. Plus, typing commands in chat during a war or invasion is wholly unrealistic.

I guess, technically, it could be considered gatekeeping, according to your definition, but is it really since Discord is a free program? Just download the program and move on…

The solution seems eerily simple to me, maybe even too simple…


Invasions are hard because it’s unbalanced RNG and not everyone is geared, using Tinctures and Coatings, have 3 houses with 3 corruption trophies adding %dmg towards corrupted on top of the coatings. it’s going to be a joke once everyone is geared and using trophies/coatings and it gets balanced. Some invasions you don’t get Spriggans till wave 7. others your getting commanders, brutes, priests one after another by wave 5 or 6. Yes I agree discord is hugely helpful. Just doesn’t give the majority of the playerbase the right to stop a % of players from ever playing it. They paid the same ammount for the game as you. You didn’t pay more for the right to demand them to use discord to play content on your server.

Again you all seem to miss the fact that the invasions are suppose to be 10 picked. 40 randoms. The ability to kick until you get lucky with the auto pick is not intended.

This could use a reference.

i fully understand that you and many other people want to experience the content called wars or invasions but blaming the players for systems that amazon game studios has designed into the game is not the right way to achieve what you want

AGS designed wars to be 50v50.
regardless if you like it or not that’s how it is.
if it’s a full server of 2000 people and all of them are online guess what?
only 100 people will get to play in the 50v50 war.
and only 50 for invasions.

blame players all you like but these systems are baked into a core part of the game by AGS.
so take it up wit the devs

So I have a not so unique perspective, for transparency I know Korekode personally and much of the gatekeeping conversation has to do with myself.

I suffer from social anxiety among many other issues. I cannot handle being in a discord full of people, It is not an option for me. The majority of the content I play benefits the companies coffers, I have 3 houses, I spend the majority of my day crafting and trading, all help pay for the upgrades, so I am a contributor, not a leech.

When in the invasions I go where I am asked to go, and do what I can, I bring tinctures, coatings, I have a corrupted totem in each of my 3 houses, I work on my gear to improve, in the last week I went from about rank 44 to recently rank 19 in invasions, so I am contributing, and making sure to improve.

But I do not join discord, I can’t, it is not a question of want. I paid the same amount for this game as the rest of you (Maybe more than some I got the deluxe but that doesnt make me more entitled). What I am actively being told is I am not allowed to play the game i paid for because I cannot handle being in a 3rd party program filled with strangers.

What other people with mental or physical disabilities are we going to gate keep next? Gaming used to be about inclusion, and shared enjoyment, maybe I am just old and gaming has evolved to this selfish state. But maybe Amazon doesn’t want people with disabilities playing there games anymore than several people on this post have already expressed they don’t want people with disabilities to experience the content they wish to gatekeep. Yes I am going to play this card, yes I am going to call out all of you for trying to gatekeep people with disabilities from playing the content of this game, and if Amazon doesn’t do something about it they are cosigning this behavior and making it very clear that people with disabilities are not welcome to experience there game.

I am not arguing the war content, just the invasion content which at least up till now has a clear intent for everyone past level 50 to be allowed to experience, I think the discussion with gatekeeping wars is a completely separate one with different nuance.

So you guys keep gatekeeping, and I will keep pointing out how much this affects people with mental and physical disabilities.

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What is stopping you from forming your own community? Why is it others jobs to cater to your wants?

Their company wants users to be on discord. If that doesn’t work for you, don’t join the company and make your own with other like-minded people.


I’d say a large part is going towards the lack of tiered/organized comm’s available and chats being buggy/unreliable at the moment. Best comm’s design I’ve seen is Eve Online’s but fleets of 50+ still have to use 3rd party voice comm’s because the client provided system isn’t able to handle the load.

Mumble is great to use too.

yeah i was a part of the largest corp that owned most of our servers lands and my god they give us little to no tools to help organize the people in the wars

Not intended, but is allowed whether you like it or not.

I want to clear something up right now. I my self get into every Invasion. I’m quite known on my server. I use discord for some invasions. and others I don’t sometimes I want to just chill. So its not about catering to my wants. It’s about anyone who has paid the same price for a game, is entitled to what they paid for. if they arn’t hitting 50 then thats there problem. But if there 50+. signing up for invasions. they should get the chance to experience it.

Your complaint is without merit. NOTHING is stopping your company from pushing a territory and declaring war on a territory and then YOU can make the decision to type in /army to give out orders.

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The issue with making a community is simple, at least on our server the leaders of the various groups in power actively decide what factions are allowed to hold territory. At least 3 territories in our factions have been lost not because the other factions took it, but because our faction decided to refuse to defend it in order to force those companies to lose there territory with the intent to take it back later and give it to a company they feel is worthy.

So sure we could make our own community, sure we could potentially take a territory, but then when we choose not to follow there rules we will most likely lose our territory. So that is not a reasonable solution.