Gathering animals is TOXIC Please fix

Spend ammo hunting only for somebody else to gather every time. Cant finish quests, because somebody skins it. make is exclusive for 10 or 15 seconds after death please. It’s annoying as hell.


I second this!!! Party lock is fine too!


yes, this would be nice to have!


Exactly this. It’s a problem when you need to hunt down animals that are already hard to find (since everyone is out there looking as well), but to add that anyone can come by and skin it by the time you get there is just bad.


Yeah that needs to be changed


For once a topic I wholeheartedly agree with without altering suggestions. Fix please! <3


:100: % agree with this, can be very frustrating like the poster says a 10-15 second advantage is all that is needed


How the devs didnt have this implemented is crazy. Did no one play WoW?

“You do not own this corpse”

“corpse skinnable in 10 secs”


Right now it’s easier to let the other person kill because they’ll be in animation lock for a second and you swoop in and steal skin.

If you change the rules they’ll just change their strategy.

The main issue here is resource competition in general. Everyone is pooled together so it’s noticeable.

Who’d get to skin? first hit / most damage? Would this mean groups could lock down skinning rights for each other?
Anything you change it to there’s going to be a strategy to out game your opponent.

The next thread will be complaining about the new system.

Wish we could link threads from alpha. There’s been some good discussion on this and similar topics.


I do agree its not the best I spent 6 hours doing one quest because people kept skinning my kills

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Or… hear me out. Make the corpse/node available for skinning by everyone that contributed. Some with resource nodes. Why can’t two people share an iron node?


Totally onboard with this one. Had this happen to me a fair few times. Have it as a timer or even better have it so that when you move 5m away from the corpse then it becomes fair game to everyone else.

i ahve not had this problem but a short timer would be good and is a common feature to avoid this happening.

I’ll add that if a target mob has that gold icon above the name runs out of the zone that it’s found in still needs to drop said quest item.

How did that discussion end? Any good ideas about how to implement this? How to decide the skinning right?

This could totally be open to trolling when people get more knowledge of the game too, just waiting in an area where people need to kill a certain boss but steal it every time.

or a better option on the hunt skin quests like scratchy which spawns you kill and need to skin him to complete the quest if you tag it you can skin it regardless of how many people are there …
Or the skinning quests need to be removed just kill quests,

did scratchy last night killed him like 5 times on the 5th i hit him once and just stayed close to skin him first felt bad but there was like 5 to 6 people every time did most damage 4 times but was to slow to skin him and missed out !!

Yup, especially round valuable resources too.

This right now is my biggest complaint with the quest system. It’s obvious certain nodes/animals need a higher spawn count/rate. Additionally, if you are on the damage stack at all for an animal you should be able to harvest it. The corpse can remain x amount of time or until everyone who was eligible has harvested. Whichever happened first.


For :clap: real! Especially if you’re going to have these prey mobs run all over the heckin place when you hit them. It’s insane to have to chase them halfway across the map only to finally get the kill count but not the premium hide drop because they took a left outside o’ Albuquerque …

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